Tuesday, November 08, 2005

King Manning Comes To Town

Need we say more?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Bruschi's Brain

Hatriot Hype this week was focused on
one thing: the return of the typical Hatriot
overachiever, Teddy Bruschi. As we all know,
Bruschi had a stroke last year, and has struggled
to get back to game form since.

Some interesting quotes make INEPT speculate:
is Bruschi really ready for action? Read these
recent Bruschi quotes and wonder:
  • "I'm ready for this game, physically, mentally,
    emotionally, and mentally."

  • "I didn't do this without looking into it carefully.
    I asked my doctors, my wife, my coach, and
    my doctors. They all agreed: Coke is much better
    than Pepsi."

  • "I'm ready to play the game that I love so
    much again, the game I've been away from
    for too long, the game that makes me what I
    am. That game, my friends, is Monopoly.
INEPT was also disturbed by the strange and
unnerving buzzing sound coming from Bruschi's
spinal cord, as well his inability to move the right
side of his face.

Although we here at INEPT focus our vitriol
on anything that even has the faintest Hatriot
smell (and yes, our pal Bruschi reeks with the
best of them), we find ourselves wondering:
is Genius Bill so desperate for a win to risk
the lives of his players?

INEPT wonders if Bill and pals have read
the American Stroke Association's (ASA)
guidelines for stroke recovery. Tip #3:
When recovering from a stroke, do not,
we repeat, do NOT play football at
professional level (emphasis
ours). Has the Hatriot organization sold
their souls once again to manufacture a
victory? INEPT asks these difficult questions,
but only you, dear reader, can answer them.