Monday, October 23, 2006

Back by Popular Demand

INEPT took a much needed break - it is hard to hate so much for so long. (OK, not that hard: see [1] [2] or [3] for some examples)

But current events pull us back into the fray. Too many Hatriot victories,
and somehow, our blood starts to boil. Too few challengers in the AFC Least, and a tension builds from within. Where else can fellow Haters get together and share their stories of Hatred, and curse their common enemy? Thus, we return:

The Return of the King (of Hatred)
(note: actual INEPT staff may be less good looking)

As Tom Brady-bunch said this past weekend, "Stupidity by me." We agree, Tom: you are one stupid dude. And yes, the idea that INEPT could go away was stupid, and now, coming back, we promise never to reach this Brady-esque level of idiocy again.

Let us know what you think - do you need more Hatred in your life?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck you and the horse you rode in on

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes this is tru we do h=keep winning

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

inept whats ur fav team?

6:27 AM  
Anonymous trueblue pat fan #12 said...

Yeah, you makers of this site are INEPT. Brady obviously has to have brains to win the superbowl. I don't know why they call Roethlisburger Big Ben. After all, he has no brain, is a neanderthol, and it's definetly not because of the size of something below his belt. . . Stop bugging on Brady and shove a fucking sock in it you retard!!

1:23 PM  
Blogger Hater in Chief said...

A quick count of the early returns shows that 3 people are definitely in favor of the return of INEPT ("f**k you and the horse you rode in on", "Yeah you are INEPT", etc.) and one is just curious: "What's ur fav team?". Our take: this is enough to keep us going. Many thanks for your continued support!

As for our fav team, the answer is obvious: any team with the courage, ability, or enough plain luck to beat our beloved Hatriots.

5:10 AM  
Anonymous A Devoted New Reader said...

Dearest INEPT,

You are the sun that shines down on me. You are the wind beneath my wings.

All this time I believed that I was the only one with such a great hatred of the Patriots, and now I have discovered a community of like-minded fans.

New England truly embodies the bullshit of sports, one part pretentious fans, one part overhyped media coverage, and one part complete disregard of any criticism whatsoever.

You have just made my day by existing. Keep fighting the good fight INEPT.

8:28 PM  
Blogger -cman- said...

I don't care very much about the Patriots. But I absolutely fuc*ing hate, hate, hate the New England Revolution who play in the same stadium. Therefore, I approve of your site and wish you well.

- A disgruntled Chicago Fire fan.

5:20 AM  
Blogger Hater in Chief said...

To the devoted new reader and cman -- welcome aboard. The road is long, the odds against us, but our cause is worthy. Keep up the good fight! With you on our side, how can Hatriot anti-fandom do anything but prosper?

- Hater in Chief

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Trueblue pat fan #12 said...

It makes me laugh to see pathetic hicks like yourself continue to loath the Patriots. . . I hate no other team, only overrated players like Ben Roethlisburger and Jake Plummer, who make hundreds of thousands per game but can't seem to afford a razor and some shaving cream, and of course T.O., who has a head far too big for his body. FYI, Brady took 10 million dollars off his own contract and gave it to his team in the hopes that Belichick would use it wisely. Well, he let Adam Vinatieri go, but considering he was asking for more than 12 million dollars for a three year contract, I'll let it slide. You've also got to realize that Belichick coached us to 3 superbowls in 4 years, an NFL record. And now we're 6-1. So it's not too big of a deal. By the way, what the hell do you mean by "the sun that shines down on me"? Who the fuck do you think you are, God? News for you, he doesn't exist you asshole!! You're obviously no fucking angel either. You're probably an experiment gone wrong and that's why you hate the Patriots. What have they ever done to you? Beaten you? Oh, well, that's horrible of them to try WINNING. I know they meant to spare your feelings and lose. Sorry. And media coverage? Try the fucking Steelers and Big Bullshit Ben. He sucks the first 5 games with no touchdowns and lost to the Raiders who only got 98 yards of total offense the WHOLE GAME. He FINALLY throws a few touchdown passes and he's a hero again? You know how much coverage those 2 or 3 touchdown passes got him? He had about 3 pages worth of coverage because he finally didn't TOTALLY SUCK in that game. Other QBs who have really actually improved, like Chad Pennington (though I hate to admit it) should be getting that coverage. And just like it wasn't all Tom Brady in those superbowls (though he sure helped) it wasn't Roethlisburger either. Ben's superbowl wasn't "May the best team win," it was "May the team that doesn't play the worst win." And yes, Chicago is doing well and even if they or Peyton Manning and the Colts beat the Patriots, I will hold no grudge. But belittle them and us, the FAITHFUL fans (which is not all of us) and we will CRUSH YOU!!!

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again, the Pats can't beat a team with a winning record. Sure, they're still 6-2, but they have not beaten ONE team that is above .500 right now. They play Miami, Buffalo, and the Jets twice a year. That should be a guaranteed 6 wins right there.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Trueblue pat fan #12 said...

True, we lost fair. I concede defeat. But the Patriots did make boneheaded moves. I guarantee that if we played the Colts again this year and ran the ball 95% of the time, right up their asses, we would win easy. I notice a pattern. . . we lose to the colts when Rodney Harrison is out, and since Ty Law has been gone. We have little defense now. But we did put up a fight, and two of the four interceptions this game weren't Brady's fault. His receivers couldn't catch (since we've only got a rookie for an actual WR), a relatively young TE, a FB who's not getting any younger, and Troy Brown, same thing, who, when they missed those perfect passes, just pushed it up in the air like a feather for the Colts' defense to pick. But it was a pretty good game and I respect the Colts and Manning.

1:37 PM  
Anonymous Josh Howard said...

I love this web site. I am so glad to see that it is up and running again. I will hate the Patriots until the day I die or as long as 'fakor' Robert Kraft is running the organization. Tom Brayd is a drone that would be an after thought if he played in Arizona. Rondey Harrison is the most overrated safety that ever lived and I hope that his career ends when is is doing one of his 'late' head first dives on top of a defenseless ball carrier.

As for the fool that said Brady took less money so New England could use that money towards the future. I will tell you were the future is, right in Robert Kraft big fat belly. 17.5 million under the cap and you can't throw Deion Branch a bone. Go ahead and have Caldwell, Gabriel and Jackson. Call me when playoff time comes around and that polish kicker is shanking kicks left and right. I love to see the demise of such a shameless orgnaization. Go Fins.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously IMEPT get a life, you guys are grown men...And you make this website and like update it all the time..DO YOU HAVE JOBS? See, most people here only write once unless they are kids, because New England is a very nice region, and most people are employed. So, unless you want to take an IQ test and see if you are smarter than me, a 12 year old child, than I suggest shut up because most everyone writing here could tell all you of you wrong...PS..DONT SAY YOU WENT TO HARVARD BECAUSE THAT'S IN CAMBRIDGE AND THEN YOU'D BE INSULTING YOUR COLLEGE.


4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the patriots obviously dont suck! tom brady is by far one of the best quarter backs! your just mad who ever your team is doesnt have him!

3:22 PM  

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