Thursday, March 06, 2008

Boston: Hatin' on Belichick Too

Boston (INEPT) - A recent article in the Boston Globe talks about what a baby Belichick is. How quickly they turn on you. Only one word comes to mind when we think of Boston fans hatin' on Belichick: appropriate.

Belichick: Even Boston Hates You

Some choice quotes from the article:
The only reason Boston sports fans have put up with Belichick's act is because he's won, not because they like him. But now it's been three years since his last championship, and, the Spygate scandal aside, his sourpuss act is starting to feel like the nauseating will-they-or-won't-they bedroom drama between Sam and Diane. Enough already.

Other than the dated reference to Cheers, this tidbit hits the spot. Further:
Here, the fans make the games, the fans drive the excitement level, the fans generate the buzz before and after each event. And those fans deserve better than "Well, we're disappointed," which is all Belichick could muster when asked by Fox's Chris Myers what he could tell his team after its shocking 17-14 Super Bowl loss.

We're disappointed. He could have also said, "We're sad", or even something clever like "We're tired, and hungry. We could have used some Chunky soup!" Let us say it here first: how awesome would it have been had Belichick turned his moment of ultimate defeat into a multi-million dollar ad campaign for Campbell's soup? Let us answer: very awesome.

New England: Needed some Chowda

The final gem in this article comes in the next to last paragraph. It is a simple argument, but it is devastating:
There has been talk lately of comparing the Patriots of this decade to the Yankees of the late 1990s, two teams that kept on winning and that fans around the country eventually turned on because they got tired of seeing the same team on top. But it's a flawed argument. The Yankees had Joe Torre leading them, as classy as they come and impossible to hate.

Wow. At this point, one has to wonder if editor Doug Most values his life. To tell Boston fans that Belichick should grow up is one thing. But to compare the Patriots to the Yankees, and then have the Yankees come out on top in the comparison, well, that is suicidal. Run, Doug, run! Call witness protection! Be careful, for you have committed the cardinal sin of Boston reporting: saying something positive about the Yankees.

Yankees and Joe Torre: Classier than Belichick. Ouch!

Of course, Doug Most is partly wrong here. You can hate the Yankees. We certainly do. At least we did, when they used to win. That might raise a concern: are we just fair-weather Haters? Will we only keep Hating if the Patriots keep on winning? No worries there, dear Reader. Win or lose, rain or shine, we will keep Hating. Superbowl victory or failure to reach the playoffs, we will keep Hating. Simply put, we will keep hating the Patriots until they pry this blogging laptop out of our cold, dead hands.

Heston, Us: Very Similar, except he uses a gun

Update: As you all know, it is the off-season for Hatred. Expect many fewer posts, with even less insight than during the season, if that is possible. Occasional posts may celebrate various free agent and draft activities, but really, it all gets going again in August. See you then.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me. I live here in New England, and the fans drive me nuts here. The media outlets around here are the worst of all. Thank God for the internet, so I can stream some better sports shows.

5:44 AM  
Blogger dolfanatic said...

At long last the world is catching on to the patsies tired classless act.
Go tuna lets put these wannabe's back at the bottom of the afc east where they so rightly resided for most of thier existence

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, dolfanatic!

All I ever hear around here (New England) is the local radio media constantly sticking up for the Patriots no matter what they do. The local sportscasters constantly feel that Matt Walsh is just lying. While, that may be true, what is going to happen if he's telling the truth? I'll tell you what will happen... the local media will make up excuses for the Patriots just like they always do. They set aside their morals and character, and place their faith in the arrogant members of that organization. It always ends up the same here... hypocrits, hypocrits, and more hypocrits!

2:19 PM  
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