Monday, February 07, 2005

Let The Whine-asty Begin

Has there ever been a winning team that so consistently espoused the belief that no one respects them? A team that while winning three SuperBore Titles still pretends to be the underdog? The Hatriots take the old sports cliche of feigning disrespect as a motivational tool to new levels. Witness:
  • Willie McGinest after the Disaster in Giftsburgh: "Nobody respected us coming into this game". Uhh, Willie, weren't you actually favored by three points, even though the game was in Giftsburgh and the Steelers took you to the woodshed just a few weeks back?
  • Rodney Harrison before the SuperBore: "Nobody respects the players on this team." Hmm, Rodney, didn't six Patriots make the Pro Bowl? And don't forget that we should all congratulate Rodney on being awarded the MDP Award for being the NFL's Most Dirty Player. Reporter: "Hey Rodney, you won the MDP award, are you going to Disneyland?" Rodney: Separates reporter's head from neck with vicious spear tackle.
  • Tom Brady on respect: "Aw, shucks."
Hence, IHTNEP believes a new term needs to be coined to describe this unique "champion" squad. A term that aptly characterizes a team that snuck out not one, not two, but three SuperBore titles by an impressive cumulative 9 points. A team that takes whining while winning to new and preposterous heights. You heard it here first: The Hatriots are officially a Whine-asty.

Coming soon: More SuperBore coverage, some final thoughts on this disastrous season, and the highly-anticipated year-end IHTNEP staff awards!


Blogger unrulyone said...

I had to laugh when I came across this site. I've been a loyal Patriots fand since I've been old enough to understand football (circa 83'). Its nice to see them win, and even better to see a dynasty in New England sports. Still, I find your site entertaining. I'll be back to check on your progress. I hope you have reason to hate the Patriots for many years to come!

2:49 PM  
Blogger TwoFacedCorey said...

I could try to describe how upset I was when Corey the Convict touched the Lombardi trophy. Or, I could lament on McNabb's poor performance. But the wounds are still too fresh. Instead I think for today it is best to focus on the few positives.

1. Coach Einstein forgot what team he was coaching before the game yesterday. This further convinces me the Unabomber look-a-like is not the reason for the Patriots success. Now that Weis and Crennel have officially moved on. Hopefully no one will further impede Belichick from turning the current Patriots to the 1995 Cleveland Browns.

2. Tom Brady actually made a mistake in the Red Zone. This may be evidence that his "deal with the devil", which has given him unimaginable good fortune during his playing career, may be in jeopardy. Hopefully, now after his third narrow Super Bowl victory, Satan demands a renegotiation with Gary Bettman and Bob Goodenow leading the negotiation teams.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

LMAO! I think the only whining is coming from you. Sad, sad, sad.

6:54 PM  
Anonymous PackersFan said...

I only became aware of IHTNEP today. I had fun reading the postings. I wish I knew about it earlier before the season ended.

While I admit I don't posses the level of pathological hate espoused on the website (and yes, I DO hate the Wolverines, sorry! They will have to stop kicking Badger butt for this can change), I do think the Patriots suck. Although it has only been three years since I started to understand football rules enough to enjoy the game, it is a no brainer that the Patriots are an extremely boring team to watch unless the only thing you enjoy in life is winning games using a bunch of robots.

Keep up the good hate :-)

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such jealousy. I love it.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey good try guys, The Pats are still better then any bandwagon team you'll ever like.

You looked good doing it though, keep at it, and remember to keep those tissue boxes handy ladies.

....hahah losers

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Patsfan said...

I have never seen a web site more crowded with sore losers. How jealous can you get?

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahhh...further proof that even stupid ass band wagon jumping pats fans hate their own team. why else would they be on an anti-pats website? just remember...all pats fans have a pats bumper sticker stuck on top of their broncos bumber sticker which is stuck on top of the cowboys sticker which is stuck on top of their niners sticker which is stuck on top of their steelers sticker.......

8:59 AM  
Anonymous jakcie said...

hey fuckers.. anyone who hates the pats suck, when this site came up when i was looking up pics of tom i was appualed you guys are so low lifs its funnyy.. wow seriously go find hobbys like collecting rocks or work at mcdonalds..

3:46 PM  
Blogger 3rings said...

You can feel the tremble.

A third ring in a row!

10:41 AM  
Anonymous double_d_anorexia said...

Pats Suck. Who would wear those colors in the first place? The Pats are a weak ass response to football in general, and have only gotten lucky the past few years. I cant wait until they get pimp slapped out of the playoffs...GO SEAHAWKS!

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! I hope that when the Patriots reign of terror over the NFL ends, we Pat fans don't turn into a bunch of sad, pathetic losers ...Like the whiners on this website!!!!

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... wow wow...I must say...this is the single greatest site I have ever been to. The reason why? Two words, Indianapolis Colts. Born and raised in Indiana I am a natural Colts fan, unlike my relatives who are either Ravens fans (poor them) or Patriots fans (kill them) So, no matter where I turn I'm constantly barraged with "Colts suck" comments. This site? It's like a safe-haven to me...this is great...people who share my extreme of the biggest assholes in the NFL...underrated? bullsh*t...

Heres a shout-out to Tom Brady: Hey asshole you can kiss my white ass you sorry excuse for a quarterback!

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey jackie...we people who are voicing an opinion need a hobby? I suggest you do some searching and dont be such a hypocrite...we need hobbies? we're not the ones looking up pictures of Tom "the fag" Brady to jack off to like yourself...and also, your just as bad as us if your bitchin about people hating one of the most easily hated teams of all fuck you ass hole...go blow your dad.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha anonymous...well jackie is actually is actually a girl so she goes on the computer alot, im surprised you can afford one anonymous..then she came upon this site and saw that GROWN FRIGGIN MEN make it and sit at home jacking off to tom brady and considering that a job since theyre fucking unemployed and poor shits..


4:55 PM  
Blogger Patriotsuck said...


4:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Patriots do suck! Thanks for making such a great site- it helps after seeing such a whiny bunch of wusses win this evening....could they complain any more about every single play called against them? And come on- it wasn't even a real head butt! Whatever- the Patriots suck it and no matter how often they win it still doesn't change the fact that they are poor sportsmen with a coach who couldn't care less about how they behave on the field....what jag offs!

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come all you children and ye shall hear, of the hated Patriots, the end is near! I hope the Colts blast Tom Brady back into the stone age Sunday. By the way Masshole fans, it takes 3 successive wins in a row
to be concidered a Dynasty morons, like the Steelers did. The 1 true Dynasty of all time is the
New York Yankees, 39 World Series 26 Wins, 5 World Series wins in a row. Americas pastime, baseball, is owned by the New Yorkers, not Boston, thank GOD.
If there is any justice to Sundays fluke win by the Pats
againsts the Chargers, the Colts should dismantle them and send them back to fartsborrow with a big fat loss, and end there smugness in the NFL.

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loyal Pats fan here, thanks for the laugh...I'll be laughing my you know what off all the way to the superbowl.....

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha this is great! =D it's so true, too!!


4:55 PM  
Anonymous Integrity said...

The Patriots are nothing but a bunch of cheating pussies. I know some bitchy little Pats fan will contradict this but we all know the truth. Belichick is a cheater, plain and simple. He admitted it. The end. They have robbed other teams by cheating, they have robbed the integrity of the NFL and all of it's tradition, but most of all they robbed the fans. It's easy to be a Champion when you cheat your way through what other work hard for. You make me sick. As far as I am concerned, the Patriots have no superbowl titles and no greatness. Just because you cheat on a test doesn't mean that you are a genious. It just means that you are scum...or a Patriot. Belichick should be fired and never allowed to coach again and all championships should have an asterisk. Way to tarnish an amazing sport losers!

9:37 PM  
Anonymous Gabe said...

my brother is a huge patriots fan and is constantly spouting the same crap " they are putting up 30 points a game" or " what team has that good a record?" all i have to say is THEY FUCKING CHEATED AND GOT CAUGHT!!!! HOW CAN ANYONE RESPECT A TEAM THAT CHEATED AND NOW IS DOING SO WELL THIS SEASON?? WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT! TOM BRADY NEEDS TO GET THE DICK OUTTA HIS ASS AND REALIZE THAT NO MATTER HOW MANY SUPERBOWLS HE WINS HE IS STILL A FAGGOT.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous integrity said...


8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally a safe haven for all of us real football fans.

I know roger godell thinks he has all the film the patriots ever recorded, but whos to say they still didn't keep some? I know Tom Brady isn't that good. He's never had numbers. he has 3 rings but never EVER compared to Peyton Manning.

I will continue to question the integrity of this team until Bill and Mr. Kraft have stepped down or sold the team.

They are a classless organization and will always be viewed as one. Unless you're an arrogant pats fan who exemplifies the same classlessness as their team.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are so many truths found in the comments so gracely stated here. Not sure that I agree with the vulgarity, but if it helps get the point across, so be it.
I mostly feel sorry for the true football fans that have cheered for the Pats over all of the years to be left with a team and coach that, while winning, have disgraced the sport. I have 2 sons that love football, and as a Dolphins fan, have had to teach them humility in cheering for a team that is performing so poorly this year. I would much rather do that then to have to tell them we're going to support a 15-0 team that have chosen to cheat, led by a coach that fostered the activity.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE this! New England fans, mock and jeer this site all you want but down deep in your wretched souls you know it's true what's said here! First of, the humble pie stuff is the biggest BS ever. The Patriots are the most unsportsmanlike team I have seen in years yet the claim "we don't taunt and don't talk". Brady is the worst at this! Yelling a trash-talking. Hey Tom, act like you've thrown a TD pass before...maybe like Peyton Manning. At least teams like Pittsburgh and Indy win with some style and grace....then again I think the team is a reflection of its head coach. Enough said there.

Then they sell their soul is signing the likes of Randy Moss just to win games. Had to find a way to beat the Colts somehow, huh?

The ultimate gift for me. To watch NE go 16 - 0 then lose the first game of the playoffs. Sweet sweet justice!!

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This year I gave up being a Patriots fan. I have morals and I'm not going to cheer for a team known for cheating. I honestly don't know how anyone can unless you have no self respect. I'm back to being a steelers fan and can again be proud of my team win or lose. Go BIG BLUE! If you don't beat Belicheat the JAGS or COLTS will!

12:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree the patriots are a classless organization but they were not always like that. Before the Belicheat era back in the 70's, 80's and early 90's they truly were a classy team even though they did not win they played hard and played fair with utmost respect for their opponent. Now they have steriod-popping Rodney Harrison - rated every year as the dirtiest player in the league. Dirtiest D-linemen in Wilfork according the ESPN. Drug addicted Randy Moss. Trash talking Brady. A back stabber in Junior Seau who "retired" from the Dolphins in a well planned scheme. A cheating coach staff. Classless owner who accepted all the cheating and blamed the media. Should I go on.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats Pats you win the regular season.....see you in the playoffs


8:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh good times.
16 and 0 and I am not even a pats fan, every time a team starts to dominate people start to hate on them.
stop bitchin your teams might win some day.
its only a game

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Integrity said...

It is only a game, but it has rules. They broke them. Nuff said. Bonds cheated and now he has a home run record even though he's pumped more juice than Old South. The Patroits are now being rewarded as a team that accomplished the elusive 16 and 0? Are you kidding me? They were caught cheating in the first game of the season. They admitted to cheating. How does that make them 16 and 0? I guess Tommy's smile is just supposed to make us all forget? All the hard working teams? The '72 Dolphins? Why not just spit in Schula's face already. As far as I'm concerned, the Pats have no record, and should they get the superbowl, they won't have that either. As long as Beli-cheat is there, everything they accomplish will be suspect. And that goes for any team that hires that tubby little shit. Even if my beloved Eagles hired him, I would not acknowledge a damn thing that they would do. Belichick should be banned from the NFL pure and simple. It's funny how in University, cheaters are expelled but in the NFL, they are placed in the record books as if they were saints. The NFL makes me sick. All pro sports do. Anything for a buck.

3:51 AM  
Anonymous Coltsfan6165 said...

Im a huge colts fan.

he plays the shittiest teams in the NFL


8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry pat haters, looks like pats are going perfect this year... i aint a die-hard NE fan, but when you guys say f*** patriots or fu** brady or moss, tell that to your team, cause they will appreciate it... lol

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Integrity said...

Oh wait, did you hear that? That was the sound of the beloved Patriots and their cheating coaches' perfect season being flushed down the shitter! And on the biggest football stage of all no less. I have to say, watching the Giants win, a la Patriots, ( to say by a mere 3 points in the dying seconds) was beautiful! There is justice! After watching everyone turn their heads to the spygate fiasco and keep talking like the Pats were infoulable and were looking to finish a perfect season was making me sick! Now it's coming out that they've been cheating for God knows how long. The fucked over the Rams and my beloved Eagles in the Superbowl. Watching the Pats get away with calls and make the big miraculous improvements in the second half. I'm sure it applies to the Superbowl against the Panthers though it hasn't been brought up. After this season, I say shame on Goddell for down playing the severity of the damage to the game. Shame on the media for giving coach of the year honors to a confessed cheater. What next, maybe give Hitler a humanitarian award because he opened the door for an old lady when he was 10? NFL, smarten up and learn from this year and what happened. We fans are not stupid. To Pats fans, I say, sorry but you know deep down that you guys were dishonest. Even if Belicheat went to the Eagles, I wouldn't trust any of their success. He should be banned from the league, not rewarded. Nice message being sent to the kids. Cheat, lie, steal and get a big prize! And to the whole Patriots organization I say, New York beat you in the Superbowl 17-14. You lost and it couldn't have happened to more deserving guys.

10:41 PM  
Anonymous Pats4Life said...

I have been a patriots fan since 1997, And Always Will Be. You Talk about a Whine-asty? Only whining is coming from you and the idiots that Support this site. Football is about being competitive, You Must be from New York, Worst SportsmenSHip on the Planet, Just read the Post, They Diss whoever beat the Giants or Jets, and Talk Shit about Whoever they are going to play, Nothing but a Bunch of lame ass excuses for Journalist and Sports Fans, Just as this site

4:20 AM  
Anonymous steeler fan said...

I too hate the patriots because i am a steeler fan. i was hoping we would beat them this year but our safety was injured and they lit up our back field. They won their games because of the refs since 2001 and the spygate deal. A coach that played against them said it was crazy how they did everything right against his team its like they knew what was coming. Fact is they suck and they have always been over rated. to brady sucks and will never be as good as peyton, he only beat his record because he was in every game, peyton left halftime in the last 3 games when he set the record, without randy tom is worthless. the whole organization sucks and the fans. i never saw any support before 2001. The whole spygate deal though the nfl is covering up for them, they destroyed the tapes when they got them and only a 500,000 fine and a loss of a pick, ricky williams was suspended for a few years for weed which doesnt help perform at all. bill should be banned because he is a fag. to all you bandwagoners out there i wish i could punch you in the face for being so ignorant thinking the pats are any guys must be demcrats

7:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:26 AM  
Anonymous footballfan13 said...

ok first of all, as a pats fan i have to say that the end to the season sucked. the pats just didn't have it for the superbowl, congrats to the giants for outplaying them and deserving the superbowl win. that being said, anyone who says the patriots suck is a complete idiot...have u been watching the entire season. ya they cheated the first game and got caught, but they didn't cheat the other 17 they won so shut the fuck up. and before you go runnin your mouth about how they cheated in past superbowls, why dont u wait until evidence shows up before assuming its true. the pats r still one of the best teams ever and i guarantee they'll be back next season and make it to the superbowl again, not like most of ur sorry ass teams who can't even make it to the big game.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don`t like the Patriots for the cheating only.It seems to be ok to do it these days as long as you win.There is also the cocky coach to add to the mix!I am a Cowboys fan and although they lost to the Giants,you have to play your best football when it matters most and nobody was playing better football when it mattered most then the Giants.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reply to footballfan13...You mean they did not get CAUGHT cheating again!

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cheat,cheat,cheat!Does anyone really believe that the Pats only cheated the one time they got caught?Horse hockey!Every cheater will do it until they get busted!Coach Bill needs to look up the word integrity and see what it means although I doubt he cares one way or the other.Coach of the year?See just how far we have slipped in what we define as a winner??

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do not doubt Tom Brady's Ability, he is a good QB and has 3 rings to show it. However, after Super Bowl 42, I saw the teams true colors. They are a buch of spoiled babies that do not know how to lose. I think that this will be the downfall of the team. Many new contracts must be signed and thier defense is horrible and ready for the retirment home. The GIANTS proved that defense wins championships. By the way, I do not feel that Bill is such a great coach, he is a product of Brady's success. We all remeber Bill in Cleveland, and I am sure that if Bledsoe never got hurt, Bill would not be coaching in the NFL today. Its funny that Moss and Seau came to the Pats for a ring and now Moss will go elsewhere and JR. will probablly retire. I think it is funny that all these people are saying they have been Patriot fans since they were little. Look at the footage from the 80's and 90's, their weremore empty seats then full ones. We will see who the fans are after they go through a streak of 10 years of sucking, which is coming. Unlike the STEELRS whos games have been sold out since 1972 and are for the next 15 years.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Shane said...

Yeah i have 2 things to say:

17-14 Giants win



Pats suck

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Integrity said...

You gotta love how little respect that Brady and Moss have for the fans, the other players in the league and for the tradition. The lost the Superbowl and now the 2 biggest babies have dropped out of the ProBowl. It's an honor to be chosen for that game. Chosen by the fans. But do the 2 bitches care? No, they just want to go off and feel sorry for themselves. Bad sportsmanship and seriously sore losers! Just like Belicheat, who couldn't bother to stay on the field until the end of the game. Pussies.

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL Integrity!We must be drinking from the same bottle!It does seem that the Patriots have lost all sense in what the game is really all about.I guess the old "cheat sheet" didn`t work when they needed it most.I am a Cowboys fan and I hate Jerry Jones but he looks like angel compared to the idiots up in New England.Vince Lombardi was wrong on one of his statements that winning is the only thing.I will miss Brady and Moss in the ProBowl but I can see why they will miss it.It is hard to throw and catch with a hanky in your hand!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Pats showed their true color when they lost in the big game. They are a bunch of arrogant babies. Real men do not go and hide in holes after they lose. Real men are not sore losers. They give the other team props instead of crawling underneath a rock!

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bottom line is that those losers in New England lost and every hope of a perfect season was done. I will also add that the Red Sox suck as well. And for the record, that wasn't blood in Schilling's was ketchup.

Go Yankees!!!!!

3:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok...Let me get this straight!Come to find out old coach Bill has been taping hand signals since 2000?I got a hand signal for ya Bill...TAPE THIS!

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

first i gotta say im a huge pats fan and this site is so god damn funny. its great i love the fact that the pats hated. and that there are so many teams and fans that hate us. keep up the up the good work and just for ur info the only team in all of sports that sucks is the yankees.

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Integrity said...

So now the Pat fans wanna rip the Yankees? Dude, the Yankees weren't busted for cheating. Fucking deal with it already. You guys got caught. End of fucking story. Show some fucking balls and be a man. How can you sit there and downplay the fact that even the government is looking into how bad you guys ripped everyone off? Just swallow your medicine and hope for a better day. Belicheat ruined it for you guys, not us and not this glorious site!

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol pats lost u guys are a bunch of lousy dirty smelly old chodes!!!!

5:06 PM  

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