Saturday, February 12, 2005

IHTNEP Year End Awards

Well, my friends, that time of year has come, when all fans of IHTNEP must find other pursuits, new ways to spend their time, something to fill the void; yes, dear readers, it is time for the IHTNEP Off-Season Hiatus. Dry your tears, dear reader - we'll be back next season with our hatred fully intact.

But we do have a little business to take care of first. The film industry has the Oscars, television the Emmys; but these silly productions pale in comparison with what you're about to see; that's right, dear readers, it is now time for the IHTNEP Year-end Staff Awards! With so much effort put into maintaining this glorious site, how can we not spend a little time and thank those behind the scenes who make the magic happen?

We include some highlights below. For each award, we also present snippets from the transcript of the commentary that took place during the IHTNEP Year-end Staff Awards dinner.

The Most Likely To Be Killed By Corey Dillon award

Commentary: No surprise here - TwoFacedCorey brings Corey hatred to new levels, and someday it might cost him. Check this page our for an example of the animosity that could come back to haunt dear TwoFaced someday.

The Most Likely To Pull His Hammy award

Commentary: A repeat winner; PapaGordy owns this category. (IHTNEP note: we apologize for the graphic imagery)

The Missing-In-Action Award

Commentary: Who the hell is Robin Masters?

The Best Zinger Award

Commentary: So much to choose from here, but the winner was clear. Watch out, lame posters to this site, or you'll feel the Zing! (or should we say the Burn?)

The Best Fan of IHTNEP Award

No winner.

Commentary: Once again, no entries in this category.

So there you have it, folks. Let's have some applause. Bringing this much hatred can take something out of a person, so it's important to let the staff know that they're making a difference. (Of course, you can always show your appreciation through financial means, for example, by buying a Hater's hat.) Either way, it is you, dear reader, that get the final nod: the IHTNEP Endurance Award, given, of course, for those who have read just a single word or have suffered through all of the postings with us. So tell your friends, your neighbors, your mother; you earned it and should definitely feel proud.


Blogger Lale Arpaci said...

How about the hottest sister award?

9:57 PM  
Blogger Pinhead Nation said...

You are all homosexuals and should spend less time jerking eachother off and basking in the glory that is the New England Patriots dynasty.

Pinhead Nation owns you.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, the pats fucking rape your pussy team. Dont be such pussies and write your own team asking them why they suck so much.

11:31 PM  
Blogger dub-sea said...

Hey, don't look now, but your hatriots (or, at least, their third-string team) are about to lose to lowly New Orleans.

8:13 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of u faget ass haters need to stop hating on the patriots. Just because your team sucks and cant continue a winning condition, doesnt mean u can be jealous little fuckers. Like homeboy said, stop suckin eachother off and get a fuckin life. cause im a true patriot fan till death, and yall are all pussy

5:54 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WE LOST TO THE SAINTS IN The preseason....that was our third string team and their staters..oh ya i agree go write to your own team asking why they suck..

5:03 PM  
Blogger Patslosehaha said...

Tom Brady has signed a new contract with the Scott tissue toilet paper company. They offered him a lifetime contract (as long as he is in the NFL) for playing like sh*t on Saturday night. Scott tissue feels there toilet paper and Brady go well together. Scott toilet paper CEO says "Tom has played like sh*t for most of the season and especially on Saturday night". "We feel like Tom Brady will continue to play like sh*t as long as he is with the pathetic New England Patriots". A press conference will be held in Neenah, WI tomorrow at 12:00 noon. Charmen toilet paper also wanted to sign Brady, but he decided to go with Scott toilet paper. Mr Whipple could not be reached for comment.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Patslosehaha said...

Bob Kraft (CEO and Owner of the LOSER Patsys) will sit down with coach Bill Bellychek tomorrow (after the Tom Brady press conference with Scott toilet paper) and decide his future. Bob may let go of Bill after his terrible coaching performance on Saturday night. Bob was qouted as saying "this is un acceptable for the Patsys to go out like this". "We are the New England Patsys and we have got EVERY call over the last four years, and it hurts us to see calls go against us". "We didnt lose the game because our idiot QB made terrible throws all night" Kraft cried, "we lost because of those dumb dumb poopy head refs". After sitting down with Bellychek tomorrow Kraft will start the interview process for a new head coach. "We are looking for someone with brains" Kraft said. "someone like a Pete Carroll or a Rich Kotite". Dave Campo, Barry Switzer and Wayne Fontes have all turned down the head coaching position.

9:11 AM  
Blogger Patslosehaha said...

Broncos head coach Mike Shanahan said his team will practice and prepare for the Pittsburgh Steelers. "Unlike New England, Pitt is a team we respect" stated Shanahan. "We will have to work hard in practice to advance to the superbowl". "Unlike last week when we were facing New England, we actually do have to practice this week". Shanahan's Broncos treated the New England game like a bye week. "It is nice to only play 1 real game to get to the Superbowl, hosting New England last week was a real Joy". The Broncos reportedly were acting like the Raiders of the 70's. "Our players were drinking all week long, out partying, hookers etc..." "I like for my players to relax before a game", "So Friday night (Eve of game) Jake and I went to a couple of strip joints, pounded beers and shots, didnt even get to bed that night" stated Shanahan. "Champ Bailey (who returned that nice throw by Brady for 100 yards) was loaded, he couldnt even move out of his chair at the strip joint when the lights went on". Bailey was dropped off at the Stadium at 3:30 am. "This week is different, we will practice at least once, and there will be a 2:00 am curfew, Pitt is a REAL team, so we have to be prepared"

9:12 AM  
Blogger Patslosehaha said...

More stock is on the rise in New England. We reported yesterday that the Kleenex company raised its profits by 72%. Now Huggies and Pampers stock is going WAY WAY up in the New England area. Put on WEEI today, and right off the bat PATSY loser fans are STILL crying over that little yellow flag thrown at the end of the first half. These LOSER fans of the PATSYS can not accept that the "so called team" they cheer for, got it handed to them by a better team. Needless to say this is making the diaper industry in New England VERY happy. While on the other hand Bob's Stores and Sports Authority have loss a lot of $ over the last few days. The bandwagon is not rolling any more. For more information you can check out HUGGIES.COM or PAMPERS.COM

9:14 AM  
Blogger Patslosehaha said...

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9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boston Globe is reporting that the New England Patriots are looking to start up the XFL again. Pats CEO Bob Kraft has been in contact with Vince McMahon (former owner of the XFL). Kraft was quoted as saying "the XFL is good". If the XFL comes back it is set to start up in 2007. The Pats will take the year off from the NFL (like this year) and join with three other teams. The teams are reportedly from Mississippi, Omaha, Davenport, IA and of course New England. They will be broken down into two conferences. Omaha and Davenport will be in the XFLW (WEST) and New England and Mississippi will be in the XFLL (LEAST). The NFL owns the right to the pathetic Patriot name, so they are looking for new names. Some that have been mentioned are the WHINERS, CRY BABIES, OUR FANS SMELL and THE NEW ENGLAND BRADYS. Former XFL great "HE HATE ME" is a top candidate for the GM position. When asked about what this means to him and the fans of New England HATE had this to say "I looking forward to dis". Dis means we automatically in da XFLL Championship game, and da fans still smell". This should be a fun league, hope it expands.

1:25 PM  

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