Wednesday, January 16, 2008

San Diego T-Shirt: Now Available

San Diego (INEPT) - Now available for your immediate and repeated consumption: the San Diego Haters Tee. Available in beautiful San Diego colors, or something kind of like them:

Amazing San Diego T

Yours for just $15! Seriously, how can we make money with prices so low? We must be insane!

Still coming: San Diego preview. Also known as: Praying for a Miracle.

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Anonymous Snerdly said...

I guess you learned your lesson with the whole "16-1" T-shirt debacle, eh?

You gotta nice safe $15 bet now... cuz even if (when) the Chahjahs lose, this T will only become more relative.

Glad to see you've smartened up on your business plan.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I wouldn't say you guys are insane. Quixotic, perhaps, but nowhere near as out of control as the guy in that video.

After all, you are kind enough to let Patriots fans post pro-New England comments as they please. I really appreciate that.


1:11 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Nice light-blue T-shirt. Giants Fan said she wanted to know if one in pink was available. That would make it even more softer than shit than it already is.

But, to echoe Snerdly, at least you learned your lesson. I guess all those people calling or emailing to bitch about wanting their money back after foolishly buying the 16-1 shirt kinda taught you something.

Patriot Fans,
The Chargers are already talkng trash. Unlike the Hater in Chief, I guess they haven't learned anything. I think it will be a good game, but in the end it's going to be fun watching them struggle in the frigid New England environment. River's and LT's knees are going to be screaming for so much Icy Hot (TM), they'll have to make several BJ's runs to soothe their aching manginas. Gates's Berenstein Bears toe is already pleading, nay screaming at him not to play. It's telling him now that it detects a fucking snow storm coming his way. I wonder if it mentioned that the assassin Rodney Harrison's coming his way too...


6:25 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Nice angle on Tom Terrific's mind-boggling fake last week:

8:20 AM  
Blogger Dave H said...

Chip, I have a great idea for your t-shirt:


9:59 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Damn it Dave. That was my idea for the Indianapolis Colt Shirts - since they're home for the winter I figured I'd cheer 'em the fuck up while they watch Brady and his 300 lay waste to the rest of the NFL. Where the Colts failed, we shall succeed.


11:03 AM  
Anonymous IH8 Boston said...

I am hard core Chargers fan and I freely admit the Bolts probably will lose, any fan who seriously studies football realizes this.

However, as I am also an Angels and Lakers fan (going back to the 70's) I hate the Red Sox and Celtics too. On the off chance that the Bolts do win it will be sooooo sweet. The cry of pain out of Boston will be palpable. Once the proper level of booze gets consumed wife beatings and suicides will spike. (of course this scenario may have to wait for a possible SB loss to the Giants or Packers)

22 mph winds with a WC of near zero will hamper passing and make it a slugging match.

I really do hope Brady has a career ending injury, a repeat of the Theisman hit, but this time by Merriman.

I hope Moss gets knocked out too! Painfully!

FYI about the weather, the Chargers WANT bad weather!!!

6:08 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

IH8 Boston,
You fuckin rock dude! You are my anti-thesis, the Agent Smith to my Neo from the Matrix. We should get together and have a drink.
Shockingly, I disagree with nearly all of your points of view, but that doesn't mean your wrong. You are wrong on this one point: "the Chargers WANT bad weather!!!" Those California Marys do not want bad weather any more than the Patriots do. They have spent too much time in the sun and 5 degree weather with a wind chill of -10 will make them whine like none other.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous The Greatriots said...

I think the Chargers will be a tough Victory, but the Greatriots will "pull the plug" on the chargers. I can't believe you would wish for a player to be seriously hurt, lame thinking, Lt will play a little, then end up with that nice dissapointed look on his face that he always has on his face, he will probably whine again when we celebrate our victory, and then blame our exuberance as a problem with our head coach...another baby who needs to put on a new diaper and put his pacifier back in and then go home and watch the Super Bowl on his cheap "Visio" tv..

10:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... Where are the Chargers colored 17-1 shirts??? I really want one LOL! Yeah right!GO PATS!!! WOOT!!! The Charger are stupid they hurting but still trash talking did you hear what Igor said??? LOL! People, people, people stop adding wood to the fire it is large enough for Belichick to WIN without all this fire!! LOL! But keep it up the fans can continually use a great laugh! LOL! Wishing you the best Chargers fans (that means you don't get shut-out!!!)!!! LOL!!!

11:35 AM  
Blogger said...

Get Your 'Patriots Suck' Shirts, Hats, Buttons, Mugs, Stickers, Magnets, Mousepads and More at

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a lowlife piece of shit!
the New England Patriots are the best thing to ever happen to football
regardless if they lost to the giants. ITS ONE BAD GAME!
Tom brady fucked your mother!
Randy MOss screwed your grandma!
and junior seau screwed your father.
and yes you are INEPT! you fag.
you should die in hell and rot there also. Bill belichek is smarter than god not to mention you are jealous because your team sucks! You are only a GIANTS fan because they beat the Patriots. you are a pussy! im a vikings fan, im not scared to admit it, they suck! but your pussy ass only likes a team cuz they win the super bowl!
i bet you love the patriots next year when they win the super bowl
and i am going to laugh and think about your bitch ass and how you will probably go buy a Tom Brady jersey.
Tom Brady-best QB ever
Randy Moss-best WR ever
Bill Belichek-best coach ever

Eli Manning-little bitch who wishes he was his brother
Micheal Strahan-needs dental work
Tom coughlin-needs fucking viagra not to mention eyedrops.
the only good part about that team is Osi Umenyiora but i bet you dont even know who he is.

18-1 best record you will see in your lifetime faggot.

I like how you campaign about all this patriots suck shit when they are clearly the best team in football so i would change your bitch ass slogan.

by the way, i wouldn't go back home tonight, which is in your moms basement, because you might find Tom Brady fucking your slutty ass mother.

Thanks for your time
the guy who hates you.

8:58 AM  

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