Monday, November 13, 2006

Good News, Bad News

INEPT (New England) - A classic Good news, Bad news situation emerged this past Sunday as the the New York Let-them-scores upset our darling Hatriots, 17-14.

The Good News:

  • Any Hatriots loss is a sweet day here at INEPT

  • The Let-them-scores emergence may allow them to challenge for the title in the AFC Least, perhaps bumping the Hatriots from the playoffs.

  • We saw Belichoke demonstrate his true nature, with a cold handshake for his old pal Eric Mange-ini. Can't even choke out his name, can you, Bill?

Belichoke: Looking Good After Loss To Mange-ini

The Bad News:

  • The win goes to Eric Mange-ini, a Belichoke ([1] [2]) protege

  • The Let-them-scores won in classic Hatriot style, boring us all to death

  • The more teams that adopt the Hatriot style (Defense + Boring = Success), the more we all lose

So we are left in a quandary. As true Haters, can we rejoice at this Hatriot loss? Or are we concerned that the Mange-ini win marks the beginning of the spread of Hatriot-style football? What do you think, dear reader?


Anonymous Trueblue pat fan #12 said...

cwI think you need to suck King Manning's balls, dear Jackass writer. Get a life!

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Hey, concerning The Jets & Mangini... it's all OK...
There may be a former connection, but they're NOT the "Pansy Rots".

I think it's a pitty how the fans of this, "cry baby, bunch of wussies, who WISH they could play football without the help of the officials," get all upset because you tell it like it is!

Fa-HUCK the Panty Rots, from Clam Chowderville!

There's no way they could win a game on their own... with NO help from the refs!
(just look at the Miami Shut-out as an example)

8:00 PM  

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