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The Hatred Is Spreading

Wisconsin (INEPT) - And we thought we were original. But Hatred in all its glory takes front stage at the electric website, a collection of all things negative about those snobs from the "Harvard of the South."

Duke Hatred is Spreading: They Even Sell T-Shirts!

Some choice fun from this marvelous place:

  • The Random Quote Generator. When I went there, I got this gem: "Before losing to UNC in 1989, the student body, referring to Carolina's star center J.R. Reid, raised a sign that read, 'J.R. Can't Reid This.' The same statement was chanted, even though Reid was actually a quite intelligent and scholastically accomplished student athlete. This is the stuff of class?

    Dean Smith was badly troubled by the latter incident, which he understandably construed as a racial slur. Because Coach Smith had also recruited two of Duke's big men, Christian Laettner and Danny Ferry, he coincidentally knew what these players scored on the SAT. In a press conference, he rebutted the crowd's baseless innuendo by explaining that J.R. Reid and frontcourt mate Scott Williams accomplished a higher combined SAT score than did Laettner and Ferry, both white. Smith took pains to avoid disclosing any specific scores, nor did he provide any individual comparisons. In response, the same group that slanderously labeled Reid illiterate berated Smith for his audacity in disclosing the completely true, but purportedly 'private,' information of its players. "

  • Lots of Photoshops. Too many to choose from. My favorite:

    The Rat Indeed

  • The AntiDook Manifesto. We all love manifestos. Who doesn't? But this manifesto is a riveting read for those who've ever born animosity to those Cameron Crazies and their unloveable hoop squad. Here is some fun about the Duke tendency to flop to draw a charge: "Perhaps the biggest reason for the disparity in foul totals is the outrageous manner in which game officials apply the ever-subjective offensive foul rule. You know the scenario: An opposing player blows by a slower Duke defender while being closely guarded thirty feet from the basket. As the player races to the hoop for a lay-up, another Duke player jumps into his path, often while the offensive player is in the air, deliberately causing a dangerous collision near the basket. The late arriving defender falls over backward, arms flailing, with a melodramatic shriek. As sure as the sun sets in the West, one of the three game referees will run to the scene, often from far out of position, hand clasped behind his head, whistle sounding loudly, all with Krzyzewski's pumping fist signaling his approval in the background. Of course, when the opposition attempts to return the favor, the call is just as surely a block or, at best, a no call."

All we need to hear is that Coach K. has been taping other teams' practice sessions. That would be perfect.

Spygate Continues: As we all know, and as INEPT predicted, Spygate continues to have legs. Not legs like those below, but legs.

Not legs like this

From a recent article in the NY Times, entitled New Claim of Taping Emerges Against Patriots:
The Patriots’ pattern of illicitly videotaping the signals of opposing N.F.L. coaches began in Coach Bill Belichick’s first preseason with the team in 2000, a former Patriots player said. The information was put to use in that year’s regular-season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Belichick’s debut as New England’s coach.

One way Patriot fans hope to squirm out of this is by saying that the rules were vague. Just to clear that up, here is Jeff Fisher, Titan coach and Rules Committee Member:
“The rules are very, very clear,” said Tennessee Titans Coach Jeff Fisher, a committee member. “There is no need to be more specific or clarify any rules whatsoever.”

The funny thing for us here at INEPT is how often Patriot fans used to point to Belichick's genius, in particular his ability to beat a team/quarterback the second time he faces them. Well, I wonder how often that claim will be put forth now? A lot easier to win, Bill, when you have the tapes, huh?

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Blogger David L. McAfee said...

You know, one thing I don't get about all this (one thing among many, actually) is BB's claim that he "misinterpreted" the rule and never realized his actions would be frowned upon.

Just how long has he been in the NFL? How many years? And in all that time he never realized (or was told) what he was doing could maybe...just considered cheating?

I dunno...I smell fish.

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the part in the NYT article where the other teams distance themselves from the patriots.

“I don’t want the outside perception to be, ‘Boy, there are all these teams and they’re all doing all these things,’ ” said Rich McKay, the Falcons’ president and a member of the competition committee. “Because it’s not true.”

They're all giving the NFL party line right now of "its all over", but they know that Bellichek is scum... and the coach of the year. How the hell did that happen?

Baiscally he steals signals from the previous games and uses them in the next game. The rest of the teams don't do this, and now Bill is coach of the year. That should leave the other teams all really pissed, especially since they have to toe the party line.

Bill has to go down.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous srd said...

Well, not one to spread gossip, but I live in philadelphia, and one of my good buddies had lunch with Senator Specter the other day, and off the record, spector told him that the shit is about to hit the fan with the Patriots and spygate; that a lot of stuff is about to come out that no one knew about yet.

I don't really know what that could mean, or if maybe the senator was being wishful, but one can hope.

This scandal is ten times worse than anyone bonds did already, not like barry knew what pitches were coming.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Way to go sen. specter lets get that # 7 pick and banish bill belliache PERMINATLY

Oh yeah your welcome to go after krafty bob too

11:40 AM  
Blogger dolfanatic said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:56 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Can we get more leg shots? How about more pics of Giselle? The rest of this crap is kinda useless..
I can't wait until this spygate thing is over - one way or the other. However, I do realize that you donkeys who are jealous of one of the best teams ever assembled won't let it die, as you cling to your perverted hatred, which is the result of your lack of real lives.


10:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chip, Chip, Chip...

You're just plain wrong, man. This stuff is cutting-edge useful. I mean this entirely -- I need to know that I'm not watching professional wrestling, and we are trying to find out if the Pats are taking football in that direction. I mean, I hated them more than you can possible know before all the Spygate stuff, but this just takes it to another level.

I'm a Charger fan, and I promise you -- if San Diego gets exposed through this somehow, I'll spend my money somewhere else. I don't think they're involved, but we need to find out.

Your team is run by arrogant, elitist and smug people -- let's find out if we can add "criminal" to the list of characteristics.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...


Your hypocrisy is something else: "Your team is run by arrogant, elitist and smug people -- let's find out if we can add "criminal" to the list of"

Let's look down the long list and see who fits this description on the Chargers: Shawn Merriman (Arrogant, smug, criminal) and Ladainian Tomlinson (arrogant, smug, and a hypocritical whiny bitch).

My theory is that this whole spygate thing is silliness. We'll see if I'm right. Teams have been spying on each other for years and stealing signals for years. Just look at Ron Jaworski's comments. It is granted that not all teams do it and Patriots did get caught, but it really is a much bigger part of the game than people realize or else none of these offensive and defensive coordinators would be covering their mouths. Like baseball players and managers, these guys know they're being watched by every team they play - not just the Patriots, who are simply the best team doing it.

10:18 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

God, how I hate Ron Jaworski. Not for the spygate crap, but for the Super Bowl two weeks of hype that he kept saying "not if, but WHEN the Patriots win". I hope he's had a full dish of crow!

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to get over the fact that the New England Bridesmaids are NOT the best. Losing the Super Bowl does not make one the best. It makes one SECOND best. Sure, they were impressive throughout the season, pounding opponents long after the game was over, blah blah.

Is that how you idiot NE fans console yourselves? By repeatedly saying "the best team didn't win the Super Bowl?" Gee. That sounds like the exact reason you mocked everyone else before your team committed the Greatest Choke on Earth.

And, I wouldn't talk too much smack about Tomlinson (though he is whiny). Whose coach wasn't even on the field when the Super Bowl ended? Whose star quarterback and wide receiver ditched the Pro Bowl? Whose lineman got busted for dealing marajuana? Whose star quarterback laughed off a score prediction and said "we'll score more than 17 points"?

For arrogance and whiny bitchy smugness, no need to look any further than your own fallen from grace franchise, Chiparoo.

Go Giants

2:18 PM  
Blogger Dave H said...

Chip Dawg is back! Yay!

9:07 AM  
Anonymous New England Fans said...

Amazing how we are the only fans that don't criticize, scrutinize, or generally hold our team to a standard of some sort. Too busy being petty and arrogant Massholes. LOL

9:09 AM  

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