Monday, December 10, 2007

Pure Class: The Hatriot Way

New England (INEPT) - In the aftermath of the utterly dreadful Disaster by Giftsburgh III, the New England Hatriots were a study in class. Pure, high-class gents, these wonderful fellows are.

We all know what got our little boys in blue all bunched up in the underpants. Young safety Anthony Smith made the mistake of saying his team was going to win. Oh my gosh, no, not that! How dare he! But the team with the biggest chip on their shoulders wouldn't let such a silly thing slide. Nope.

Of course, it starts at the top. Coach Belichoke was asked about the long touchdown pass to Kareem Abdul Jabar Gaffney on a trick play. His classy response: "The safety play at that position was pretty inviting." That's awesome, Bill. Crack on some guy because he made the mistake of being positive about his team's chances, and worse, got goaded into making it a "guarantee" by the idiotic, guarantee-seeking media. Belichoke went on to say "we've played against a lot better safeties than him, I'll tell you." Wow, Bill, you are a true leader of men. Maybe you should talk a little more about all of your extra-marital problems, and less about Anthony Smith. What do you think about that? Creep.


Of course, it didn't end there. Rodney Harrison tried to explain the whole thing. Having Rodney make something more clear, of course, is like asking Einstein to put on the pads and play - it just doesn't make sense. Rodney said: "It's like when you go to the pizza shop and you order your pizza and you say you want extra sausage," Harrison said. "That [comment] was extra sausage." What in the world is Rodney talking about? Also, I think he meant HGH, not sausage.

Mmmm, Sausage

Tom 'Fraidy couldn't help himself either. When asked what he said to Smith on the field, Tommy said, "I don't care to repeat it," Brady said, "especially if my mother reads it. She wouldn't be happy with what I said." Are you sure, Prince Tommy? INEPT has some guesses as to what he might have said. "I have an out of wedlock kid; how about you Anthony?" or "My hair stylist cancelled my appointment! So F--- off." or perhaps "Check out these teeth, motherf---er." We ran these by Tommy's mom, and she was OK with all of them. So you were wrong, Tom, you were wrong.

Nice Teeth, MFer

One positive from the game. Some people actually paid money to fly this banner over the stadium: Bonds — 756*, Belichick — 3 Super Bowl wins*. How awesome is that? We are still looking for a picture. And yes, we would have kicked in a few bucks. I can see the ad now: "Banner: $200. Airplane rental for an hour: $500. Seeing the look on all those New England faces: Priceless."


Anonymous JC said...

Cry me a river you fucking pansy.

Who do you root foor? The jets? That fat, pizza faced rat motherfucker got you in deep then pal.

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Maddy said...

Tom Brady looks damn fine, though....

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a loser... I bet she actually thinks this makes thinks this makes her cool too... sad..

9:14 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

HEY, I live in New England and they just showed the banner on the news. How cool was that? The news says "everyone's just jealous" like the standard answer for all idiot Patriots' fans. I didn't hear about it until yesterday, but, as you said, I would've kicked in $100 or so towards that stunt. It was a great idea! Did you see the footage of Brady talking after the win on Sunday? His collar was up, like he was a gay guy from the 80's. HEY... it's 2007.. be a gay guy from now! I hate hearing his whiny crackling voice... he sound like he's whining. Oh wait, he IS whining!

In any case, I love the article... keep up the good work!

2:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As if most people from Boston weren't smug and self-righteous enough... now they have the Patriots, Sox, and Celtics (even though not many people really give a shit about NBA anymore) to brag about.

My dream play to witness? Seeing Tommy B flushed out of the pocket, roll towards the Pats bench, then some gigantic linebacker drill his gay ass out-of-bounds and into Bill Bell-up-chuck sending them both to the hospital with painful - but not life threatening injuries.

Hey, I'm not a monster after all... just a hater. :)

3:59 AM  
Anonymous Snerdly said...

I just want to say, that to this lifelong Sox/Pats fan (my first game at Fenway was in 1972, and at foxborough a year later), all the hate (born of frustration) exhibited by opposing fans is so much sweet icing on an already delicious cake!

Keep it coming haters... we LOVE IT!

6:15 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

I really dig this shit. From 1960 to 2001, the Patriots were soooo irrelevant, but now everyone's talking about us. Heck, on Espn 2 the Patriots even had their own block on the bottom line, which was separate from the one covering the NFL. We're simply the best, we kick ass, take no prisoners, and we have the best coach who prepared his team the best and then lets people (the media and other coaches) know just what he thinks of them. These facts piss the rest of the country off and We are now America's bad boys! Life is good!!!
Moreover,the Patriots have reduced the rest of the country to bitterness. Take the Anonymous bitch before me. He's dreaming of Brady and Moss getting hurt and the perfect season coming to an end. It's simply pathetic and, yes, merely a dream.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great, Great Article!!!

Finally someone who sees Belicheat and Shady Brady for what they really are - characterless!

11:45 AM  
Anonymous srd said...

chip dawg, are you a high school student or do you just wish you still were?

11:55 AM  
Anonymous JC said...

Who has a more annoying speech impediment?

Rudy Guliani, or Eric Mangini?

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Jlf said...

Mangini, definitely.

Or should I say...Man-girly?

To the anonymous idiot who made fun of the popped collar- honestly, I hate that style too. But if you ever choose to come out of your mom's basement, you will see that sadly, that is the fashion of today.

Or don't come out at all.....yes, I think that would be better.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Patty "how much for the women" Pat said...

You can do better, HIC. You should be hitting your stride now, rather than reaching for content.

BTW the askerisk is for ***Greatest. Team. Ever.***

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Snerdly said...

I think I'm gonna market Tom Brady/Bill Belichick dart boards (just flip it over to chose your target).

I might as well make some $$$ off of all this raw, unadulterated hate.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Pats Fan said...

I'm with ya Snerdly.

Don't you find it awesome that we're hated? :) Means we're doing something right, and the rest of the country can't stand it. They're too busy being jealous.

That oughta get a naughty response from one of the haters....

2:06 PM  
Blogger Dave H said...

Fellow Haters, we need to stop this, lest NE Coach print this blog and show it to his team!

That guy would have thrown at the ghost-man Sean Taylor two weeks ago if he were playing the Redskins.

"Well, we saw a mismatch on that side, so we went at it. Just calling games, just trying to win, just trying to be as gay as possible, that's all."

2:29 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Why do all Pats fans say the same thing... that everyone is "jealous" of them. OH yeah, Gaytriots fans always all say the same thing... they are lemmings. For you Pats fans that are ignorant, a lemming is a bird that follows the leader.. you know, like each and every Pats fan on here. I don't get the jealous thing. I mean, I hate the Patriots whether they win or lose. I think Brady is gay whether he goes undefeated or not. Why would I be jealous? Because my team isn't undefeated? So what!!

2:37 PM  
Blogger Dave H said...

P.S. Guys like Roger Staubach and Ken Stabler are watching Smug Tom Fraidy in his popped collar and choo-choo train hats and are vomitting profusely.

This guy needs to just go away, America would rather deal with Romo and Manning at this point.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Hater in Chief, This is some weak stuff you've posted. Let's see, where do I begin? Oh yeah:
Young safety Anthony Smith made the mistake of saying his team was going to win. Oh my gosh, no, not that! How dare he!

Anthony Smith is a 2nd year, 2nd or 3rd stringer who has never won jack in the NFL and wants to talk shit to Tom Brady, winner of 3 Superbowls, MVP of 2, and an outstanding QB who is on the verge of shattering some serious passing records in yardage, TDs, and leading an undefeated team. Smith also was talking trash to the great one before the game and during it.
Then to make matters worse for the retarded Smith, he couldn't back up his trash talk. Randy Moss made him look sooo bad. Smith needs to go back to the books, work on his damn game, and maybe do something in this league before opening up his trap.

Also the quote on Belichik: "Belichoke went on to say "we've played against a lot better safeties than him, I'll tell you." Wow, Bill, you are a true leader of men." Masterbator in Chief, in case you didn't know it, revenge is best served up cold and Sir William had the last word.

Hater, you are also correct: Belichick is a true leader of men whose gotten the entire Patriot organization to believe in him and give him more respect than most get in a life time. Christ, damn near every player on the team drinks the Patriot Kool-Aid!! Hater, who are you a leader of?

Hater, I think you should bring your comment about Rodney Harrison to the man himself. I don't think you have the sack.

Tom Fraidy? Tom Fraidy?? Are you kidding me? My heart was pounding watching Brady lead the Patriots to last minute touchdown drives against the Colts, Eagles, and Ravens. I nearly shit my pants watching the Steelers pass rush cave in on Brady only to see him complete pass after pass after pass (399 yards, 4 TDs). Brady is the man. He has no fear. He has the will to win. He also doesn't want to upset his mother by letting her hear his swears. Brady is the balls.
You want to know the look on my face after I heard of the Banner: Bonds — 756*, Belichick — 3 Super Bowl wins*? It was a shit-eating grin. Because of stuff like that, we have the fuel to light the fire of perfect Patriot season. Only injuries, certainly not the Colts, can stop us now.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Snerdly said...

Chip Dawg said:

"You want to know the look on my face after I heard of the Banner: Bonds — 756*, Belichick — 3 Super Bowl wins*? It was a shit-eating grin. Because of stuff like that, we have the fuel to light the fire of perfect Patriot season."


I couldn't agree with you more, CD!

When will these idjits learn that they shouldn't instigate the juggernaut?

3:43 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

I'm not in high school, but are you trying to invite me to the prom? I'll go with you and maybe we can like shag or something, but you'll have to buy dinner first, you little bitch.

3:44 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

When will these idjits learn that they shouldn't instigate the juggernaut?

Great question Snerdly. Let's see, it's been 14 weeks and they still haven't gotten it. The short-short bus must be the primary mode of transportation.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Dave H said...

These New England fans, they went from "oh, feel sorry for us, we always get beat by the Yankees, and the Patriots suck, and we know you all don't care, but PLEASE feel sorry for us"


"we are a juggernaut, the Colts, Steelers and Chargers are high school teams, you haters go suck a dick, WE ARE THE BEST!!!!"

You people probably think Grogan and Fryar is some kind of law firm off Yawkey Way.

4:59 PM  
Anonymous srd said...

Chip dawg, you are an absolute moron, perpetuating the stereotype that patriots' fans are just as classless as the team.

You have no idea how to make a viable argument, seriously...stop making baseless statements and confusing them with arguments, they aren't, and you continue to look like an enormous jackass.

Also, let me enlighten you on something: You and the Patriots are not a single entity. You provide nothing that they need or want. You are responsible for none of their decisions as a football team, and none of their decisions as a corporation. They care about you about as much as I care about that last shit I flushed down the toilet.

Further, I cannot wait for the Pats to lose in the playoffs, so you and your carbon-copy retard Patriots' fans can sit there with your jaws slacked and contemplate suicide.

The Patriots are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the NFL, and the fact that you fuckwits are so happy about it is mind-blowing. I don't mind all patriots' fans, just your type. I quite appreciate Patriots' fans that lowered their heads in shame once belicheat was exposed, as you all should have.

I know if some organization I associated myself with so thoroughly that I referred to us as the same entity was conclusively exposed of cheating, like most people with some semblance of deceny, I would have apologized, not acted like you, you loud-mouthed, ignorant, pud of a human being.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Pats Fan said...

Cry some more, why doncha.... :)

Oh, guess what everyone?

Mangini admitted something important. Not going to bother telling you, it's just too sweet. Go look it up on SI's site or something.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous srd said...

mangini didn't admit anything even remotely important...just the patriots' half-ass attempt at pointing the finger elsewhere.

The jets filmed endzones with permission, in accordance with NFL guidelines...not even close to what the Patriots did.

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Pats win* again? Sure, sure said...

What did Mangini admit? That he's a shitty coach? That Belicheat's a better coach than him? Wow. That's like saying my dead dog is a better coach than him. 'Cept my dog was a better dresser than Belicheat. Anyway, not exactly groundbreaking. No, I didn't look up what he really said. Cuz Mangini sucks and his opinion means nothing.

First poster, way to spell a three letter word wrong, moron. "Foor" isn't a word. Really! Pat fans bowl me over with their grammar know-how.

I LOVED the plane! I also would chip in for a plane for every Pats game for the rest of forever.

As for the bitchy assed Pat fans* who can't stop crying and stomping about how STILL everyone sees their team as the asterisks, get a clue, guys! Your team's logo has an asterisk right in the middle of it. Predesigned for cheating! Leave it to the Pats. They think of everything.

*meaning you are a stupid bandwagoning buttsmear who probably liked the 49ers in the 80s. If you were even born yet. Idiots.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Pats ROCK said...

According to every stat I've seen, there is no asterisk. Dumbass. :)

Belichick may dress worse than your dog, but he dresses better than you.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

I find it funny that "PATS Rock" looked everywhere for the asterisk! Belichick dresses like a homeless guy and Brady dresses like a homo guy.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous jfkp said...

Back to the issue here - Patriots are evil! And another thing - what's up with people pronouncing his name "bella-check"? That pronunciation is pretty far off from the way it's spelled. I mean, it's less dishonest to pronounce his last name "tummy bitch"!

5:11 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

SRD, I could tackle every silly issue you brought up, but it wouldn't solve your overall problem. You seem pent up and frustrated. I believe you need to get laid or maybe just get out of the house for a while.

On the renewed camera-gate issue, I love how Belichick waited until this week to reveal the story. We'll never know what Mangini's tapes displayed, but they probably recorded the Patriot coaches. Anyone who doesn't think so is naive to a fault. What it also shows is that the Mangini's blowing of the whistle was because he was pissed at not being able to use his own cameras.

Patriots fans and haters alike, I, no kidding, for once in my life had a thought. The great thing about the Patriots is that right now they are standing in defiance of history. Like the Spartans at Thermopylae in 480 BC, they have nearly the whole modern world against them. Few are standing against many. All these teams from the Colts to the Eagles to the Ravens and Steelers are giving everything they have and more to beat our beloved New England Patriots. The Jets, Phins, and Giants will do the same. These upcoming games will be more difficult than we imagine. The one in New York is going to be a barn burner. The amount of time, effort, and motivation to beat the Pats is incomprehensible to most of us. Why this website was created by those who wish nothing more than see US defeated. (Yes, SRD, I said US. the fans like me are part of the team or there'd be no NFL. Maybe you should follow a team and experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat for once in your life).

Yet here we are - on the cusp of history. Brady and Co. are on the verge of pulling off the impossible dream. Can the Patriots have the perfect season? Like the 2004 Red Sox who had to battle the ghosts of the past, History says it can't be done. No way. Only the crack head Mercury Morris and Fat-faced Don Shula have achieved perfection. But if those guys can do it, to quote the great Curt Schilling, WHY NOT US???

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Pats ROCK said...

I didn't search everywhere for the asterisk. I simply refused to make one up in my head like you.

I think being a Hater is the real bandwagon. People who purely hate us are greatly outnumbered by others who like actual teams yet join on cause they need a place to vent about their losing streaks.

The accuser has become the accused.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous srd said...

chip, I'll just consider that you giving up. But just for shits and giggles, I'm sure I get laid much more often than you.

The camera-issue hasn't been renewed, there is a clear explanation of why Mangini was taping from the endzone, and he was taping the players on the field, not the coaches. I must be naive to a fault, who knows why? Because you said so, right? Here is a fact: not all people are cheating vags like your beloved belicheck.

Also, the comparison of the Patriots to The spartans is ridiculous, Leonidas and his men stood for democracy and equality(not really, but let's assume so for your comparison)...the Patriots stand for everything wrong with the NFL. Take a step away, you'd hate the Patriots too if you weren't waiting in line to give Bill and Tom a beaner.

"Maybe you should follow a team and experience the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat for once in your life"

I'm not even sure how you would know either way, or even further, how it would ever be relevant in the slightest bit.

Oh, you should read the latest article on ESPN ranking all of the active quarterbacks with Brady at number 1, in which the author also notes that the debate over who is better (brady or manning) is conclusively over in brady's's just the sort of unfounded, ridiculous conjecture that you assholes masturbate to.

7:07 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Yes, the Patriots stand for everything wrong with the NFL. You need to wake the fuck up. You may not like the coach who, quite frankly, is not a people person, at least with the media or coaches who have shit on him. But none of those gang bangers like Pacman Jones or dog torturers/killers like Vick are on the Pats.
I'm sorry if our running up the score on the poor Buffalo Bills or Redskins offends the good soccer moms out there, but this is the NFL. It's the defense's job to stop the offense, not the responsibility of the offense to take the foot off the gas. No we're not going to just take our starters out of the game after half-time. We're working to improve our team and, if you don't like or don't believe me, I really don't give a fuck!!
Oh and SRD, after I get off work I'm planning on beating my pud to that ESPN article. If the Pats win it all and have a perfect season, I'm never leaving the house with clothes on.

4:03 AM  
Anonymous srd said...

chip, the pats are not as good as the NFL and the media want everyone to think, belicheck isn't the greatest coach ever, and tom brady doesn't compare to peyton. I'm just sick and tired of hearing it, we get it, the nfl wants to sell tickets. I didnt like it when NFL blew smoke up Vick's ass and I don't like it now. To tell you the truth, I harbored no ill will towards brady until recently. He was always quiet, and when it mattered, well spoken. I realize the NFL, just like all professional sports leagues, needs that "michael jordan" effect to sell tickets, I always disliked the NFL for this, but mostly in a joking "i know what you're doing" kinda way...but it's gotten ridiculous with the Patriots, and tom brady has definitely developed himself a "better than everyone" sense of entitlement. Tom brady is the product of luck...ive said it before and ill say it again, john kitna could be tom brady on the new england patriots...tom brady just isnt that spectacular.

further, ive been to new england, i doubt anyone wants to see you outside the house naked. first, it's cold up there (this is probably more a concern for you) and secondly, its cold a lot there, I know you're not out there on the beach, which means you're probably do the world a favor, keep your clothes on.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Snerdly said...

srd said:
Tom brady is the product of luck...ive said it before and ill say it again, john kitna could be tom brady on the new england patriots...tom brady just isnt that spectacular.

You're 4ckin high.
Tom Brady excels at reading defenses and finding the open man.

Not to mention, he's CLUTCH when the game is on the line.

Go do some more bong hits, and than go raid your refrigerator. You're making a fool of yourself, here.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Step away from the crack-pipe. I know you're a crack-smoker. You're ridiculous comments reveal your toolish ways. Crack addiction will cause your arrest and will ruin your illustrious career causing you to become a homeless shitbag.

Also, your jealousy of Brady is brutal to listen to. I know it's tough realizing that you've done jack shit with your life besides feeding your face and that others like Brady have worked hard and achieved. I think you want us to hate Tom Brady, so you can seduce him to the gay side. Giselle has you beat. For Tom it'll be a toss up, Giselle's luscious tits or your hairy ass. I'm quite certain Tom will make a faster decision there than when he's got the Jets pass rush in his face.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous New Englander said...

Iono about you all, but in NE it's SNOWINGGGGGG

And the Pats play their BEST in the snow.....

1:51 PM  
Anonymous srd said...

Snerdly, seeing as how this is a site for people that dislike the Patriots, there are probably more people on here the feel the same way that I do about tom brady than the way you do.

Tom brady has mediocre arm strength, almost zero mobility in the pocket, and a handful of talented possession receivers. He is product of luck, and a dozen other quaterbacks in the NFL would have similar, or more, success if afforded the the same opportunity.

Chip, stop posting, really your comments are completely asinine. First, I've done more with my life than Tom Brady. I'm not famous or filthy rich, but I've done more. Also, if I were gay, I'd like to think that I could get a better looking man than Tom Brady (I was never a fan of the Osmonds, or DiCaprio's character from What's Eating Gilbert Grape).

Also, Tom Brady is clearly a homosexual already. If that's not apparent to you, I worry about your ability to read...I don't know, books.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Uh, no. said...

Oh stop being jealous of Gisele, she's already got him.

It's alright, there are other cool, collected, amazing star QB's out there breaking records with an amazing O-line pocket that usually allows them to move for at least five seconds....

...oh wait.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous JC said...


It was a typo you cunt.

If all you can do is attack my grammar and throw asterisks around while your team sucks and still has a worse draft pick than we do, then your life sucks.

So does your blog. It's a good thing links to you.....otherwise nobody would ever read you you fucking clown.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

What the hell is going on in here? Attacking each other's character is not the issue. Good Lord, I hate the Patriots as people AND as a team. I live in New England, and have to listen to their "greatness" day after day.

All that being said, SRD is right on! Mediocre and gay Tom Brady, Belicheat being an ass... all that is true. I GUARANTEE that if Tom Brady were into dog fighting (which is too "icky" for him anyway), the fans around here would've found some good reason for it. This guy is a despicable human being and they still back him anyway. Not to mention Belichick, who is one of the most immoral people on earth. New England fans don't care... they will compromise their principles, just to win.

2:47 AM  
Anonymous HAHA GO PATS said...

"This guy is a despicable human being and they still back him anyway. Not to mention Belichick, who is one of the most immoral people on earth. New England fans don't care... they will compromise their principles, just to win."

Keep crying about that.

Their personality has nothing to do with how they play and coach football....which they do quite well....considering we're 13-0. :)

12:10 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Well Pats fans, we're going into battle again this weekend to take on the Jets. The weather is supposed to be freezing rain or snow with 40 mph winds, which doesn't help our passing game.

However, revenge and hatred are powerful. Mangina started the mess of camera gate with his crying like a little bitch to the league, even though he did the same thing last year. Well, now he's going to pay and pay dearly. If you believe the Patriots, believe that they left all the spy nonsense in the past, think again. Look out people, it's not going to be pretty. The Patriots will deal with the Jets and their fat-faced coach (who actually has lost some weight and looks good) will follow the rules of the Spartans: No Prisoners. No Mercy.
If Gillette were a battlefield, Sunday night, you'd find it strewn with the not only the carcasses of Jet players, but also those of their coaches, families & friends. It's gonna be great!!

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Dude said...

I'm going to the game. It is going to be INTENSE.....

The Pats play their best in the snow. Too bad Randy Moss won't get the ball much, considering the wind is gonna be 29 mph.

5:29 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Any of you haters out there? Or have you all thrown in the towel? The Pats, I guess, are too damn good. You all now feel man-love for Tom Brady & realize that Bill Belichick, the coach soon to be bigger than Lombardi, is the shizzle. I knew you'd come around.

Here's a list of the top ten Patriot Moments:

10) The 1982 Snow plow win over the Dolphins

9) 1985-86 - The Pats winning all 3 playoff games (plus beating the Dolphins in Miami) to make the Superbowl vs. the Bears.

8) 1994 - Robert Kraft becomes the owner of the New England Patriots and keeps the team in New England despite plans by his predecessor James Orthwein to move the team to St Louis.

7) 2001 - Tom Brady becomes the starting QB after the Jets' Mo Lewis sacks Drew Bledsoe, causing internal injuries. Brady displayed incredible an ability to make quick reads and helped the team rebound from an 0-2 start to finish at 11-5 during the regular season.

6) 2001 - Bill Belichick sticks with Tom Brady as the starter after a home loss to the Rams and Bledsoe became medically cleared to play.

5) 2001 - The controversial tuck play. In the divisional playoff game, known as the Snowbowl game versus the Oakland Raiders, a Tom Brady fumble recovered by the Raiders is correctly changed to an incomplete pass. This was the second chance the young fledgling Dynasty needed and they made the most of it.

4) 2001 - Snowbowl game: Adam Vinatieri kicks a 48 yard field goal through the wind and blinding snow to tie the game and send it into overtime. Adam then kicked a second field goal to win the game 16-13.

3) Superbowl XXXIX - The Patriots Beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24-21

2) Superbowl XXXVIII - The Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers on another Adam Vinatieri field goal 32-29. This game is considered by many to be the best Superbowl ever played.

1) Superbowl XXXVI - The first time is the sweetest: With a last minute drive, Tom Brady cooly leads the Patriots to their first Superbowl win ever as Adam Vinatieri booted a last second field goal through the uprights. The Patriots, who were introduced in the game as a team, pulled off the upset by beating the St Louis Rams 20-17.

5:31 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Dude, Sorry I didn't see your comment. Have a great time! Watch out for those Jet fans. They may get pissy if the Pats score on every drive!!

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

Hey whiney-bitch-in-chief,

So you must be really hating life right now huh? I keep noticing the length of time between your posting keeps increasing. It's getting ard to keep making up shit to try and smear quite possibly the greatest team ever.

As for the pathetic whiners on here who live in New England and seem to think this gives them special status - GFY. The internet gives you access to virtually any home teams coverage. Buy a sirius radio for crying out loud if you hate listening to the local media so much but don't come on here and whine. God, you poeple are pathetic.

I am an unabashed Pat's fan, and I'll gladly eat my share of shit when it comes time for them to fall to the middle and yes, even the bottom of the league again. These years are worth it. The good news is, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After Feb you won't have to hear about the Pat's - until they pick in the top five in the draft in April, and start their title defense next year. 19-0. Get used to it bitches.


9:40 PM  
Anonymous DontXBlink said...

heres a image of the plane if u have not found one yet.

11:48 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

I find it interesting that the idiotic Pats fans think the weather is going to favor the Pats. The weather isn't going to favor either team. PLUS, after listening to the three morons do the NFL Network game last night, if anybody has a chip on their shoulder to win it's the Jets. Nobody gives them a chance (which is no surprise), but they can go for broke and make some dirty hits on Brady. What do they have to lose?


3:01 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Giantsfaninne (worst blog name ever and possibly the most retarded) - I think it's ironic that for someone like yourself who is supposedly against cheating to suggest that the Jets cheat to win. As Giantsretardinne said: "Nobody gives them a chance (which is no surprise), but they can go for broke and make some dirty hits on Brady."
But here's another quote of your's: "Belichick is a lying, cheating human being, so who can believe him anyway." You contradict yourself here.

Are you for cheating or against it? Sounds to me like your for it when it serves your purposes, so maybe you and the rest of the anti-patriot tools should get off your moral high horses and seek some therapy.

But like you said, I wouldn't be surprised to see some players take some cheap shots at Brady. It's what the greatness of the Patriots has reduced other teams to do. Given their history, I was kind of surprised that the Steelers didn't try anything last weeke

5:38 AM  
Anonymous guess said...

dirty hits can still be legal, it's not an explicit contradiction.

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screw the patriots - I've lived in New England my entire life, up until a decade ago NO ONE admitted to being a Pat's fan. They're the damn BOSTON Patriots - fuck them for taking the name of New England.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous srd said...

wow, beat the dismal jets by 10 points, and most likely were outplayed by them as well.

1:36 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Well Pats fans and haters alike,

it was a tight one today. Like I figured, our passing game would be out of whack, and it was, but how about Laurence Maroney!!! 26 Rushes, 104 yards, and a TD. Who said the Patriots couldn't run the ball??? With the shitty conditions, the Patriot War Machine needed to run the ball and it did. Special Teams was also huge with that blocked punt that set us up on the 3 yard line.
And how about the New England Defense!! They ate Clemens for breakfast, had a side of Pennington, and really, except for one drive when Asante Samuel and Eugene Wilson decided not to tackle, shut down the Jets O.
We have now achieved home field advantage throughout the playoffs. Win or lose, the road to the Superbowl now goes through Patriot Nation.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

The Pats are the only team in the league to represent an entire region. The good thing about this is that the folks in Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Vermont have someone to cheer for. Besides, the team's not located in Boston anyway. A bigger lesson is that it helps teach our youth some damn geography. This guy from Chicago I served with in the Army had no freakin clue where New England was!!!!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous haha said...

and there we have it, shot in the head in army? this fully explains chip dawg's, dare I say, retardation.

2:32 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

The great thing about today's game was that once again the Pats found a way to win. That's simply what good teams do. Belichick was even very cordial to Mangina at the end too. Now what about the rest of the league??

Those Ravens everyone was gushing over a few weeks ago choked against Miami. Once again, the Ravens showed what little bitches they are. They sure can talk a good game, but now Miami has given them something to really cry about.
Pittsburgh couldn't seal the deal at home either. The Jags played phenomenal and beat the Steelers at home. I think the Jags are a serious contender right now.

At this time, the Colts are on the verge of losing to the Raidah Nation. I don't think it will happen, but man! Won't that be embarrassing???

Patriot Haters, guess who's 14-0 for the first time since the '72 Dolphins?? Nuff said.

3:46 PM  
Anonymous Dude said...

Chip, you are so right about the geography thing. I was talking to these guys from Iowa on Xbox Live once when I was playing Halo 3 on my 360 (in my college dorm last weekend before finals) and they didn't know where NE was either. They hadn't even heard of it.

"Haha", or so your name denotes, Chip never said he was "shot in the head in army"......and your sentence shows your, dare I say, retardation.

The Pats game today was a good one, and I think it's fair to say that weather is the equalizer in any football game, Patriots or no. Hopefully, we'll have some good, clean, dry, and maybe cold weather to play in at good old Foxboro for the rest of the playoffs.

Though, I was abashed at the small percentage of fans that decided to throw snow on the field. Throw it at your friends, not the other team's bench. I will admit I was really ashamed to have been in the same stadium as those people.

On the bright side, MIAMI WON A GAME!!! I was happy for them.

Peace out, Pats rock.

4:01 PM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Yeah, as much as I can't stand the Miami Dolphins, the thought of a poor kid who's a Dolphins fan watching his team go 0-16 is too much. Good for them. I do believe the Pats will have their hands full next week with that Miami Defense. Jason Taylor is still an animal and if the weather is like it was today anything can happen.

Let's go Pats!!

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Dude said...

Yeah. I commend all those Dolphin fans, by the way, for sticking by your team. Good job.

And there were Jets fans at the game, but I felt bad for them so I didn't bother making 'em feel unwelcome. Being in Patriot Nation is pretty painful, and I didn't want to make it worse. Props to them, though, for being brave enough to come there and support their team.

7:04 PM  
Blogger Jazzbo said...

The Patriots only do their trash talk when they've earned the right to do so — after they win. What no-name "guarantees" a victory over the best team in history? The Patriots don't call out other teams or do dumb-ass "lights-out" dances during the game. They have respect for their opponents, despite the fact that they play at an entirely differently level.
The classiest team in the NFL is now 14-0. Suck on it.

4:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL all the talk about "class" and how "immoral" Belichick is. It's not a popularity contest, you fools. It's a football game, and the Patriots are the best in the land. You can't think of anything else to criticize about the team's game, so you'll look for anything else.
Just like the "Brady's a fag stuff" — you sound like middle school kids. Is that the best you've got?
Brady's not a pervert like Peyton Manning, who's been accused of sexual harassment. Just remember that.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*14-0 bitches.

and the * means they've sewn up homefield thru the playoffs. You must be crying yourselves to sleep every night in your mother's basement.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

$10,000 and you can have my house, if someone tackles brady, takes his leg, and twists it. Hard.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you Patriots haters are a violent bunch. The Patriots and their fans wish no ill will on anyone. We're too classy for that.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I just noticed that you added an asterisk to my post that pointed out the Patriots won-loss record. That's so classy of you to do so.

8:24 AM  
Anonymous srd said...

Patriots don't have much steam left. Look for them to lose early in the playoffs. Take away their passing game and any team that has a decent running game and defense is going to smack them around.

Colts are a better team, by the way, and will most certainly beat the patriots in the playoffs. They will be healthy and addai runs all over them in shitty weather. Only concern is a missing freeney to pressure popped-collar fagboy (which, in contrast to whoever said it above, WAS the style about 3 years ago [the only ones who do it these days are ACTUAL gay guys]). I hope those patriots go 16-0, because then they will be remembered as "the other team to go 16-0, but didn't win the superbowl, who also cheated in the regular season"

I cried with tears of happiness when the videotaping scandal came down, because now all of your ignorant, baseless, but nonetheless frustrating comebacks of "you're just jealous, we're the shittttzzz, I cannot read" can just as easily be refuted by the untouchable argument that you guys cheated. Just like Bonds who might have hit 99% of those homeruns without taking HGH, if he hit one while on it, his record is tainted...because while it might be true that he didn't cheat for most of those...a conclusive argument for either way can't be made, but when it comes down to it, who is going to believe a cheater?

"oh, oh, I cheated then, but I sweeeeaaarrrrrrr I wasn't doing it this time"

...alllllll liesssssssssssss

news to you: the only ones who think that the patriots' superbowls were 100% legitimate are Patriots fans. You're vastly outnumbered.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Once again SRD,
you disappoint me greatly. I asked you to produce evidence that the Patriots cheated. EVIDENCE. Again, you provide speculation and bullshit. That's ok. It only proves how weak your case is or perhaps you don't understand what I am talking about, which proves that you are a buffoon.

SRD, you also provide no new material. More silly asterisks and boring conjecture. Bonds, blah, blah, cheating, blah, blah blah, camera gate, blah, blah blah. Can you provide any insight into the game? Can you provide any, gasp, thought?? Man, work on it. We're fucking bored. I need more material from you to poop on.

Also, before I forget,

Dan, Giselle tackled Brady last night, took his 3rd leg and used and abused it. Will you give her your 10 grand and your house?

11:20 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

First of all, SRD... YOU ARE SO RIGHT!

Anyway, to all the bloggers here that keep saying the Patriots and their fans have class. PUHLEEZ... they are a classless organization from the top to the water boys. The players, the administration, and, above all else, their fans, are one of the most classless groups in the NFL.

Nobody gives a damn if the Pats go 16-0. Only the idiotic New Englanders that have nothing better to do than shovel snow.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Only the idiotic New Englanders that have nothing better to do than shovel snow."
What does this even mean? Even you are from New England, ya moron!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The waterboys are classless? Wow, I wish I knew as much about the Patriots organization as you, giantsfaninne.
I do know that Mr. Tom Brady has never been accused of sexual harassment, unlike the sexist pig Pervert Manning.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Take away their passing game and any team that has a decent running game and defense is going to smack them around."

Hey, SRD, people have been saying that since the season started.

We beat the Cowboys, people told us to beat the Colts, with an actual defense.

We beat the Colts, people told us to beat the Steelers' number one defense.

We beat the Steelers, AND the Jetds (which had a VERY good defense, btw), and now you tell us to battle someone with an "actual running game".

.....are you kidding me? ACTUAL running game?

The Steelers had one of the best running defenses and offenses of the league! Yesterday Lawrence MarOWNey got 104 yards for a team which everyone thought relied on Moss, Welker, and Faulk! BLOODY HELL, PEOPLE!

Just shows how whiny you all are, and how you all keep saying shit but nothing happens. I also love how the Haters on this site, who have no life but to post crap, can then say they speak for the entire population of America on various hating opinions.

And to the idiot who said no one cares if the Pats go 16-0......I have no words for you.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys, this is a WICKED funny pic of Tom Brady. HILARIOUS!

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Tentative Pats Fan said...


I think, in my humble opinion, that Belichick went to his players and said this:

"Guys....the next two teams are good teams, but they are NOT great. At all. I have full confidence that you can beat them. But don't blow them out. Because that's not our game that we want to focus on. The game TWO weeks from now...against the what we want to win by a lot.

Eagles....Ravens....they are good teams, but easily beaten. You can definitely take them out. You don't have to put all your full strength into it, because that's not the game we want to count as a victory. The Steelers are a lot more difficult than both those two teams combined. As a team, we need to focus on them and regroup our strategies. Work hard these two games, but save the full energy for the Steelers."

Alright, see, the reason I think this is because the Pats blew out the Steelers 34-13. The Steelers were amazing. Absolutely. But we were better. And how can we blow them out when we apparently were "getting weaker" when the Baltimore and Eagles games were won by a field goal? can argue that this is completely idiotic, because the media would have found out....but think again.

This is Bill Belichick we're talking about. Would he want anyone to know?

1:23 PM  
Anonymous srd said...

Chip, wow, you really just don't get it. The Patriots cheated. Do you seriously deny this? They recorded signals, recorded the play, then recorded the gameclock in order to go back and reverse engineer the play called, this way in the second half of a game, they'd know which plays were being called before they were executed.

Why does Brady have so many late 4th quarter comebacks? it's because at the half the Pats were, more often than not, losing!

If you don't understand this, you're a moron, and if you do and don't think it's cheating, then you're making an asinine, desperate attempt at an argument to justify the behavior.

So, it has been PROVEN that the Patriots were cheating earlier this season. Similar behavior was reported by the Jets, AND OTHER TEAMS, of the patriots from the year before. Mangini left the Pats a few years ago, therefore it MUST have been going on before he left, otherwise he couldn't have known about it.

See, now it is presumed that the cheating goes back to, hell, as long as whoever might have given the 'OK' for the cheating has been with the organization, most likely Belicheck or the Owner. See, your superbowls are shit; the Patriots were reading signals. Why would else would Belicheat go from being under .500 in years previous to New England to being so dominant? Did he somehow realize some sort of coaching miracle? Was his new team more talented? (the answer to that one is 'no,' by the way). Cheat, Cheat, Cheat.

This, my friend, is called 'logic.' Please feel free to tell me where it goes wrong, or where you've made any sort of refutation of my argument/s in general. Honestly, your mindless ranting about king leonidas and jealousy, do you really think that cuts it? Let me guess, no college degree, right?

You're quite ignorant if you think you're winning the argument here, but please...humor me further.

Keep in mind: When arguing you cant close your eyes and wish your way into some sort of ignorant bliss to win...just like no matter how much your asshole got tight when you learned about spygate, and no matter how long you've stayed up in the wee hours of the night somehow trying to justify what the patriots did...that happened, and the sooner you accept it the sooner you can move on and do something worthwhile with your life.

1:33 PM  
Anonymous God, Stupid Haters! said...

We've accepted it, you jackoff, it's just that you guys won't.

We're 14-0. You guys keep wanting to rub the pretend asterisk in our faces, but hey, guessss whaaattt?


Oh and tell me...why has no one in any important or intelligent sports magazine EVER put an asterisk next to the Patriots' stats?

Yeah....that's what I thought.

And moreover, the rule was established in 2007, and in very badly phrased words. So before one really considered it cheating. Again, videotaping signals is the same as writing them down or watching them, but for some reason people flip out when you do the former.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous chip dawg said...

reread above posts, jackoff, clearly your friends haven't

Don't worry, no one will ever forget that the Pats cheated, there need not be an explicit asterik. You're the only ones who refuse to see it.

The fact that the rule was est. in 2007 is inconsequential, let's call a spade a spade, it was cheating whether or not it was explicitly prohibited. If you think that sort of action was NFL sanctioned, you're an idiot.

2:11 PM  
Anonymous God, Stupid Haters! said...

Not officially. It wasn't.

But I will agree for the sake of your insanity.

And I never said I spoke for the entire fan nation.

Still, wondering, how come there is no asterisk according to all the sports analysts and writers of the NFL and SI?

2:35 PM  
Anonymous srd said...

what bearing does that have on anything? As if sportswriters and magazines are some exclusive authority on the subject.

And you're wrong, belicheck wasnt fined 500k for "unofficially" cheating, or for "misunderstanding" a rule...don't be naive.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, srd, you are such a tool.
The Patriots are 14-0, with no asterisk. You've got nothing to bring to the table other than your petty jealousy.
And once again, you forget that taping from ANYWHERE wasn't against the rules until 2006, so how are the Patriots' Superbowls tarnished? Their win against the Jets the first time this year is official, so how would this year be tarnished? Fans of opposing (i.e. loser) teams don't make the rules, the NFL does.
The fact that you're so miserable makes Patriots fans everywhere sooooo happy. Ha ha!

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy SRD sounds pretty delusional, huh?
So what if the Patriots cheated? Every team does - the Patriots got caught, that's all. Christ, the Jets cheated against the Patriots last year, we're learning now. It doesn't change the fact that the Patriots are a superior team, cameras or not.
It's over - move on.

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Dude said...

"As if sportswriters and magazines are some exclusive authority on the subject", that was a stupid sentence.

Who do you think the entire NFL watching population plus the analysts themselves on ESPN listen to? Who do you think writes the articles from which they get stats?

There ain't no asterisk on any magazine or anything a credible sportswriter has written that has to do with the Pats' record.

Don't be so ignorant for the sake of hatred.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous srd said...

hahahahaha, this is amazing...

first anonymous poster: I don't care if it was official or not, as I said before, let's call a spade a spade, it certainly wasn't condoned activity. Also, please don't propose my state of mind, I'm not jealous. I don't like the Pats for being the Pats, not because they have won a few superbowls.

"Fans of opposing (i.e. loser) teams" - get out of here, you're not even worth talking too.

Anonymous poster two: thanks for admitting the Patriots cheated, it's admirable (please discuss with anonymous poster one). Also, no other team has been caught cheating, or even accused (not considering the Pats latest unsuccessful attempt at douchebaggery towards the Jets). Why have the Patriots been accused so many times, and officially caught, if everyone is doing it? Bad luck, I suppose.

"It's over - move on."

What's over?

dude, think more before you express your thoughts, and then make the wise choice of...not doing so. Here i will successfully rebut the answer desired by this question in two words:

"Who do you think the entire NFL watching population plus the analysts themselves on ESPN listen to?"

not me.

figure that one out, ok.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Dude"? Srd, what are you, 15? You should stop watching so many Bud commercials.
Golly, the Pats broke a rule and got penalized for it. Stop the presses. That's never happened to any other team before!
The Pats are 14-0, soon to be 19-0. Deal with it. You have no power over it from the basement in your parents' house, so you just need to accept it.

4:23 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

I'm curious what is your source of information onm this: The Patriots cheated. Do you seriously deny this? They recorded signals, recorded the play, then recorded the gameclock in order to go back and reverse engineer the play called, this way in the second half of a game, they'd know which plays were being called before they were executed.
Is this actual information or is it the ramblings of a lunatic? You must have sources to support your claims.

5:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Colts pump in artificial crowd noise at the dome (don't deny it, because everyone who's been there has heard it), but the NFL covers it up because they're making too much money on Pervert Manning.

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see now...

Red Sox 8-0 run
Celtics 9-0 run
Patriots 14-0 run
Bruins 1-0 run (Ah well, it's only hockey...)

Boston teams are on a collective 32-0 run.

A great city with great teams.

Imagine if you lived in Pittsburgh? I'd be suicidal. What do you do all day? Sit around, get drunk and wait for the mill to close.

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, no shit. No wonder Pittsburgh fans are so angry and miserable. They need to take a vacation in New England to meet some happy people; it might change their perspective on things.

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Winslow Theramin said...

Mangini left the Patriots *because* of all the cheating. He probably couldn't be part of all the lies and deception any more knowing how much he was damaging the game.

Him coming forward is like one of the interrogators exposing the torture at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.

He couldn't live with himself any longer.

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Mangini left the Patriots *because* of all the cheating."
Really? Where'd you hear this?
And what's this "cheating" that you're talking about?

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Dude said...

"not me.

figure that one out, ok."

Yeah, I know they don't listen to you. I'm so happy for that.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous TCERM said...

I hope someone knocks those teeth out of his mouth during the playoffs. Oh wait u aint allowed to touch Crybrady without a roughin the passer penalty>>>

12:24 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

TCERM... you rock!

I agree completely. I wish somebody would knock his teeth out too! Of course, since he is Santa Claus and Jesus all rolled up in New England (and the NFL), you're right... no official would let that go without a huge fine and a suspension!

8:23 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Yes, let's wish injuries on other players.
You guys are so much "classier" than Patriots fans.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Yes, Pats Fan... we are classier!

At least we aren't hypocrits!

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Pats Fan said...

"At least we aren't hypocrits!"

Hypocrites. Not hypocrits.

And wishing insults is classier than being happy for your team. Yes. You are right.


7:26 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

All this talk about how the Haters are classier is quite amusing. I'm hearing them say Brady sucks as a quarterback (yeah, look at his numbers, not to mention his 3 rings), he's gay (because he's cursed with being handsome, I suppose) and that they wish an injury on him. Yup, sadists and homophobes are soooo classy.
As a Patriots fan, I don't want to see any player from any team get hurt (football is dangerous enough as it is). I also think Peyton Manning is a great quarterback leading a great team (I even like his commercials). There are plenty of other players from around the NFL whom I think are great, even though I want my team to beat them. (Hats off to the Miami defense against the Patriots in the second half yesterday.)
A real fan gives props to other players when it's deserved. The Haters don't care about their own teams, only about trashing the best team. That's what this site is all about.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Hey Winslow,
I love this: Mangini left the Patriots *because* of all the cheating. He probably couldn't be part of all the lies and deception any more knowing how much he was damaging the game.

You are either A) Kidding and being sarcastic or B) A naive toolbag with the world view of a 7-year old.

I think Mangini left the Patriots because perhaps it was for a Head Coach Position that paid a great deal more. Yes that's right. It's all about the money and maybe Mangina's drive to excel.

Also, if you are serious in your comparing the Patriots "cheating" to Guantanamo Bay, you have some serious mental issues and need therapy.

Are you ever going to answer my questions or are you going to continue to hide like a little bitch? Where did you get your information on the following:

"The Patriots cheated. Do you seriously deny this? They recorded signals, recorded the play, then recorded the gameclock in order to go back and reverse engineer the play called, this way in the second half of a game, they'd know which plays were being called before they were executed."

Silence from you will only prove that you made it up and have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

I have a question too.... I never got an answer regarding Peyton Manning and his supposed sexual harassment charge. I never heard anything about it in the news, yet someone on this blog keeps mentioning it. Please enlighten me!

10:18 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Peyton exposed himself to a female trainer 11 years ago in college and while he was doing it asked her personal questions that made her feel uncomfortable. She sued for sexual harassment, and the university settled for $300,000.
Years later, Peyton wrote a book, which the victim claimed defamed her. She sued Manning and he settled that lawsuit, again for $300,000.
He's not the squeaky clean golden boy that his handlers would have you believe. Tom Brady may be a playboy — stop the presses — but I don't believe he's ever been accused of degrading women, as Peyton has.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Thanks for clearing that up, PatsRule. It doesn't change my opinion about Peyton, because I like the Mannings, but at least it clears up what everyone was alluding to.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Learning that some guy degrades women doesn't change your opinion of him? You like guys who sexually humiliate women? I guess women like yourself should just stay in the kitchen, too, huh?
Your moral compass is out of whack — must be clouded by your silly hatred of the best team in NFL history.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Mom Brady said...

This site is perfect. I bookmarked it, and I'll be printing that newspaper picture with the asterisks out to show to all the Patriots snobs (two actually dwell in my house!).

Thanks for the laughs.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sick of seeing people suddenly wearing Brady and Moss jerseys. That bandwagon is getting mighty crowded, you morons. Nothing says "fan" like "Hey, they're winning...I'm going to root for them and show my support by buying a jersey of someone on the team!" Or even worse..."I want a Brady jersey because he's like so totally cute!" (Something you will NEVER hear when regarding a Moss jersey, at least.)

I wouldn't care so much about any of this if the Pats weren't pricks about it. They are arrogant assholes and I can't wait to see them lose. They need to be a little more humble. Oh, and Billy's annoying headband needs to go, thanks.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Learning that some guy degrades women doesn't change your opinion of him? You like guys who sexually humiliate women?

Well, Patsrule... I've never heard of these allegations about Peyton Manning from anybody but YOU, so maybe it's just hearsay. What ISN'T hearsay is that Belichick has cheated on his wife with someone else's wife. Brady has gotten one woman pregnant, then left her for some whiny model (kind of a female version of himself). Rodney Harrison has an awful temper and is over and over voted the most vicious player in the NFL. Now THOSE things are the truth. What you are spewing might not be.

8:20 PM  
Anonymous God hates the Patriots said...

"Like the Spartans at Thermopylae in 480 BC, they have nearly the whole modern world against them" that sounds so epic. do you whisper that in Bradys ear when you two are butt fucking?

11:26 PM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

"maybe it's just hearsay."
Giantsfaninne: Are you truly that obtuse? It isn't hearsay, it's on a public record and is common knowledge. You must be the only person who doesn't know. Look it up, you dolt.
Here, I'll help you because obviously you're the head-in-the-sand type who just believes what you want to believe, regardless of the facts:
And tell the honest truth: If that had been Brady named in the complaint, what would you be saying? Since you trash someone because he allegedly has a temper (That's your idea of a fact?), I already know the answer.

6:28 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Well, PatsRule, now I know you're an idiot if is where you get your information. I thought maybe you were over the age of 16. Apparently I'm wrong.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Um, is where you get verbatim transcripts of public records, you fool. There's no bias or slant there — that's the actual complaint, unedited.
I guess you won't believe it until Peyton himself pulls his pants down in front of you. Do you also deny the Holocaust?
Here's a tip: You obviously spend a great deal of time on the Internet. Why don't you look it up yourself on some sites that you DO find reputable. Oh wait — for you, that would be a Colts fan message board.
And I noticed how you avoided my question about your reaction if it had been Brady, How predictable.
Keep going, though. I love picking apart your lame "arguments."

8:57 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Ahh PatsRule, I think we both know that if Tom Brady sexually harassed somebody, it would be a guy.

Keep thinking you are smarter and better than everyone else. That's the sign of a true Patriots fan! Don't let anyone else have an opinion... that's the New England way!

10:19 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

"Keep thinking you are smarter and better than everyone else."
Not everyone, just you. Again, your homophobic response is quite boring, to say the least.
So let me get this straight: If I don't agree with you, I'm not letting you have an opinion? I've asked you twice about what your reaction would be had it been Brady and not Manning, and you still haven't answered. Not only am I allowing you to have an opinion, I'm actively seeking it. But, like all haters, when you can't answer a question, you resort to playground putdowns:
Patriots fan: You know, Tom Brady has made a few mistakes, just like other pro athletes such as Peyton Manning, but he's proven to be a good teammate, does plenty of charity work and has been putting up some pretty good numbers this year on the field.
Hater (i.e. idiot): Oh yeah? He sucks dick!
All this site does is prove how juvenile and desperate people like yourself are.
Now it's your turn to respond with something insulting and nonsensical, completely unrelated to what I just posted. Go ahead.

11:27 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

I DID answer your question about if Brady were charged with sexual harassment. I said it would be with a guy.

I cannot believe that this event happened with Peyton Manning because there would be more publicity about it. I think even you would agree that the media would've splashed that all over the place. Now, on that note, if it were Tom Brady, maybe the media would splash it all over the place, but New England fans would look the other way, just like they do about Belichick and his lousy cheating ways.

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Sick of Stupidity said...

Completely wrong, you stupid bat! First of all, not only NE fans, but all of the sportscasters, analysts, and general people of the NFL and even the rest of the country have written Spygate off. It has NOTHING to do with only NE fans turning their heads the other way. You should know, you've bitched about it. And for someone who lives in NE, I'm pretty surprised at your generalizations. I haven't met a single fan who wasn't ashamed that day of our team when they were caught.

"I cannot believe that this event happened with Peyton Manning because there would be more publicity about it."

Wrong again.
The media would not give the sexual harassment story as much love as if it were Tom Brady- Peyton Manning, honestly, is not that hot with the media as TB is. If Peyton did something like that, there would be articles about it, sure, but not that much would be expected.

HOWEVER, IT STANDS that the fact that it is not televised everywhere does not mean it's nonexistent.

Go and spend some time with your poor family (God bless your husband).

11:47 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Thanks for the blessing!

5:44 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

GiantsfaninNE, I really feel sorry for your husband because I'm sure you never listen to him either. My question wasn't: "Who do you think Brady would sexually harass?" It was what your reaction would be had it been Brady named in the complaint, which was by a woman (but you weren't paying attention, as usual). I don't think you would have given him a pass like you did Manning.
The complaint is common knowledge and it was, in fact, covered in real newspapers and by real broadcasters. Only idiots like yourself, who get their news of the world from fan forums, would deny it.
Here's a newspaper that maybe even you have heard of:

8:44 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Why would I listen to my husband, do you listen to yours?

In any case, you're right. I would not have given Brady a pass.

There, I've answered your question!

4:05 PM  
Anonymous GO PATS said...

Nice, after five tries you get it right! Good improvement.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

"In any case, you're right. I would not have given Brady a pass."

So not only are you a homophobe who supports sexual predators (if they play for certain football teams), you're a hypocrite as well. How chaaaaaaarming.

5:31 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

PatsRule, I wouldn't be calling anybody a hypocrite if I were you.

6:19 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

I just did.
Explain how I've been a hypocrite, and don't take five posts to do it.

7:18 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

For one thing, you frequent a website that is devoted to the hatred of your beloved team. Seems a little bizarre. THEN, you post nasty little remarks about me and my life, also bizarre. Is that hypocritical? To me, trying to defend a team that this website is devoted to posting negative comments about is hypocritical. There's plenty of love going around for the Pats right now, why don't you go to one of those sites?

There's only so much about a person that can be derived from online blog postings, but I do know one thing. If you win an argument online, it doesn't add up to crap.

8:26 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Um, yeah. It's obvious you don't even know what "hypocrisy" means, which shouldn't come as a surprise considering your other illiterate and/or indecipherable posts.
I think the word you're searching the cobwebs of your brain for may be "ironic," as in: "It's ironic that a Pats fan would come to a message board devoted to hating the Patriots."
To which I would reply, "But it's fun to see the Haters so miserable!"

8:56 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Just the reason you frequent this website is proof of your lack of character. Well, one has to be willing to compromise one's principles to back Belichick as any kind of upstanding citizen. High character standing must not be too high on your list.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

"Just the reason you frequent this website is proof of your lack of character."
How so? Everyone here lacks character?

"Well, one has to be willing to compromise one's principles to back Belichick as any kind of upstanding citizen."
When did I do that? I'm not even sure I've ever mentioned his name. All I care about is what kind of coach he is. And he's the best.

"High character standing must not be too high on your list."
Hmm, let's see: I don't devote my life to hating people, spreading homophobia and supporting sexual predators, like you continue to do.
GO PATS!!!!!!!

9:50 AM  
Anonymous patriot said...

Wow, Its true that theres all types on the internet.

Jealousy breeds contempt. From the pathetic Giants fan living in New England (you disgraceful mutant, like the traitor on the movie "300".)

To the idiot that started this site. Any true football fan at least respects the Patriots. The team that brought back "team sports".

Brady has done more with less until this year with the recieving core. ...undefeated, with three Superbowls, The best quarterback in NFL history.

Just like there will always be winners, there will always be losers that post nonsense based on stupidity and jealousy

Either way the team flying highest is wearing red, white and blue...

The best, classiest, team in NFL history.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous patriot said...

By the way, "DaveH". is the biggest douchebag here. His favorite team is the masingil disposables...

Some people applaud winners and others turn green with envy and become losers.

In between twinkies and beer and wiping chicken grease on their wife beater they post their rhetoric and remind the rest of us that there are alot of idiots among us....

Cluelessly sloshing through life trying to find other idiots to validate their baseless opinions.

Either way enjoy the games...I love the Patriots because they set the standard for others to follow. The Cardinals need some fans? You Pansy.

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Pats Fan said...

Nice comment.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

I find it interesting that you guys come into this blog to spew your Gaytriot crap, but if anybody disagrees with anyone on the patriots website, they get booted off. Hmmm... I guess they can dish it out, but they can't take it.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Gaytriots! That's hilarious!
And those homos are putting a beat-down on every team in the league. How embarrassing for you!
GO PATS!!!!!!!!!

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Patriotsreign said...

GiantsfaninNE, what the hell does that Patriots website have to do with anything? We're not the moderators over there. Plus, you sound ridiculous telling Pats fans to get off this site when a hater like yourself is frequenting a New England fan forum.
And since you love sweeping generalizations so much, here's one: Why don't you get back in the kitchen, where you belong?

1:44 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Sorry it took so long to post, I was in the kitchen where I belong. Oh, and working. I think these might be something Patriotsreign knows nothing about, living in his mother's basement and all. I am curious about Pats fans that come in here. Do you also frequent or do you only go to negative sites to defend the Pats?

2:52 AM  
Anonymous patriot said...

Firstly, The Patriots do not need defending...They are undefeated.In other words their actions speak for themselves. (thought you might need clarification)

There are many things you know nothing about. This is apparent by your postings and responses...

Typically ignorance is not curable but I being an eternal optimist will keep the faith and attempt to enlighten you. ....gulp....Here goes.

You see true fans are passionate about their team, Its where there from...Win or lose, through hard times and the good times. Makes the victories even sweeter.

Football is a mans sport..It blends strategy, Physical prowess and competition and men Identify with their team.. The PATRIOTS.

I am from New England where the country was founded and my team is the Patriots...

The same team that in 2001 when the twin towers fell and the Rams "the greatest show on terf" met the PATRIOTS in the Superbowl.

Introduced as a unit...through superior coaching, skillful execution, throttled the unbeatable Rams..All wearing the Patriot uniform.

The Red, White and Blue one.

The Patriots represent team sports and have done more with less against the toughest opponents year after year.

These points are undeniable even though I have no doubt you will try to spin some sarcastic response to "one up".

It can't be done, your out matched. Your just a bitter fat chick trying to match wits with LOYAL football fans..Your in the wrong league.

Try hot dog eating or Sow calling or what ever the backstabbing wannabe french canadians do...since you probably live on the border.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

The Patriots are not "America's team" as you alluded to, they are New England's team. Other than these six pathetic states, nobody gives a crap about them, in fact most other football cities loathe them. Their accomplishment this year has been incredible. Belichick definitely deserved the Coach of the Year, and it would've been a travesty had he not received it. That does not mean everyone has to love the team like New Englanders do. AND it doesn't mean that there are other teams with redeeming value, good players, good plays, that deserve credit also.

As far as football being a man's sport, that's plain bullshit. Of course, there are plenty of pink-hatted Brady fans in New England, but there are real women football fans out there also.

Add to that the fact that you called New Englanders "backstabbing wannabe french canadians", and you could get your ass kicked real good by some die hard hockey fans if you spew that crap in public. But something tells me you don't go out in public that much anyway.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous patriot said...

Well you did'nt disappoint...

You completely missed each point.

(1) Never said the Patriots are Americas team or even "eluded"

I was describing loyalty and pride. (two qualities you are lacking)

(2) Never said New Englanders are backstabbing...."Try hot dog eating or Sow calling or what ever the backstabbing wannabe french canadians do...since you probably live on the border".

That comment was directed at you! and further validated by the "six pathetic states" comment you made.

You belong on the other side of the border where LOYALTY and State pride and for your country are not appreciated. Canadians are ungrateful jealous, bitter douchebags like you. There that should help to clarify the point for you..

(3) I have no doubt that there are true female football fans out there I personally know many. You are not one of them.
If you where you would at least respect the Patriots as a football team and the players.

(4) No kidding there are other teams and players that are great. I respect each and everyone deserving of recognition or accolades.

(5) I don't frequent message boards and make disparaging comments about an immature misguided moron. Do you?

(6) The last thing I'm worried about is canadian hockey fans.. I am a 240 pound former boxer that doesn't take shit from anyone. Bring it.

Like the Pats do every weekend. I especially enjoyed the Giants victory. The Giants played the game of their life and lost. Like their number one fan... a loser.

7:48 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

It's "alluded" and not "eluded" you moron.

OOOHHH a former boxer. that just means you're now a fat and out of shape 240 lbs.

And now you are dissing Canadians. What a classy, diplomatic man you must be.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

America hates the patsies.

We will party when they go down.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

"America hates the patsies."
Everybody hates the best team if it's not their own.
So thanks.
GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"patriot" YOU ROCK! All your points are dead on. American football fans respect and admire the patriots.

Let the morons hate us. I LOVE IT!!!!

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Pats ROCK said...

"Other than these six pathetic states, nobody gives a crap about them, in fact most other football cities loathe them."

Get out of NE. Piss off if you got a problem with the states here. Frankly I'm sick of you being a major hypocrite. Get some money and find a new house in NY or NJ.

"Of course, there are plenty of pink-hatted Brady fans in New England..."

As we have seen, there are plenty of pink-hatted Manning and Romo fans too. So don't try implying that our team is the only one that has fans like that. Just a warning before you say something stupid.

Oh, news flash, you can be 240 lbs and have 6% body fat. Ask your beloved Manning brothers.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Sure you CAN be 240 lbs with 6% body fat, but I would venture to guess that is not you.

American football fans may applaud the accomplishment of the Patriots, but they don't all love them. Just like not everyone loved the Niners or the Steelers or the Cowboys when they always won.

Maybe I should move to NY or NJ. I don't know what the fan base down there is, but it has to be more intelligent than what is in here from New England.

6:23 PM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

I think in the intellect department, Jersey would definitely be more your speed Giantsfreak.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Pats ROCK said...

Yes, I am not 240 lbs with 6% body fat. I'm fricking 250 with 5% body fat.

"Maybe I should move to NY or NJ. I don't know what the fan base down there is, but it has to be more intelligent than what is in here from New England."

Yeah you should move. You're bringing the entire average population's IQ down from 160 to 100.

10:06 PM  
Blogger Maureen said...

Please tell me how the Patriots brought back "team sports"? Or should I say, how you think they did it legitimately?

The Patriots right now are a dirty, detestable team who have gotten to where they are by cheating.
Some examples:

Rodney Harrison- HGH, and KNOWN dirty tackler- one who admittedly puts money aside each season for potential fines.

Bill Belichick- proven cheater, adulterer, etc.

Vincent Wilfork: 3time penalized this season, and defensive player who took out JP Losman's knee

Randy Moss- not dirty, but quit on his past two teams, then decides to play

and the list goes on... I honestly think the organization is dirty from the owner on down.

Now please, Pats* lovers, spare me your rebuttal of jealousy. I am NOT jealous of your team. I also don't think that my team is perfect. However, what I find to be disgusting is how quickly and easily the media seems to have forgotten that this team started the year off being caught cheating, and has done nothing to make us think different, and also has continued to disrespect the sportsmanship of the game, and its players rather than apologizing for their wrongdoings and making amends.

No way that piece of trash coach deserves coach of the year. just pathetic.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww, you're not jealous, just misguided!!!!

"Rodney Harrison- HGH, and KNOWN dirty tackler- one who admittedly puts money aside each season for potential fines."

Can you name a player who hasn't been fined? Rodney Harrison is dirty- but so are a lot of other players. I don't see what makes him different. And news flash- HGH didn't have any impact on his playing. Sorry, the NFL doesn't agree with you.

"Bill Belichick- proven cheater, adulterer, etc."

Lame argument. First off, Spygate's done. No one cares. Second, morality has nothing to do with football, and he got fricken divorced. I think the couple is pretty happy with their situation. Calling people names because of incidents that happened once does not show the work of a good mind. Oh and I'm still waiting for the etc....

"Vincent Wilfork: 3time penalized this season, and defensive player who took out JP Losman's knee."

Okay, I won't even try to name all the other players who got penalized in their entire NFL career, and who caused other great players' injuries. *Cough* Trent Green's opposing lineman *cough*.

"Randy Moss- not dirty, but quit on his past two teams, then decides to play"

Is it our fault that A) We motivated him to play and B) He feels like playing and C) once more morality has nothing to do with the ability to play football?

"and the list goes on... I honestly think the organization is dirty from the owner on down."

Oh, the list goes on? Do continue! :)

My poor need serious help.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Leave Maureen alone. She can have an opinion if she wants. If her opinion just doesn't match yours, doesn't mean she's wrong. I'm sure there are alot of people who agree with her. In fact, I believe she makes valid points.

Belichick didn't just "get divorced". He broke up someone else's marriage in the process, luring a woman away from her small children with his money and power. That isn't just a simple divorce. That is crappy character. Of course, it doesn't say much about the woman either.

As far as Rodney Harrison goes, he's continually voted the dirtiest player. I do agree that there are plenty of dirty hits that end the season/career of many players throughout the season, however the defense for Rodney and Vince Wilfork should not be "everybody gets fined". Because then we are back to admitting that two wrongs make a right, and that's not a defense.

Maureen, I live in New England, and questioned the organization from the owner down also, however, I'm not sure about Bob Kraft. While he does own all the media around here, so no sportscaster will say ANYTHING bad about ANYBODY on his team and defend them to the end, I don't think Kraft is a rotten guy. I used to think so, and I certainly see how he seems that way, but I'm not sure that's the case.

2:49 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Giantsfreak #2 says: "However, what I find to be disgusting is how quickly and easily the media seems to have forgotten that this team started the year off being caught cheating, and has done nothing to make us think different."
Are you serious? ESPN and every newspaper in the county reminds us on a daily basis. It's the ultimate bulletin board material for the Pats. I love it!
GO PATS!!!!!

5:34 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Patsrule & Anonymous,
One cannot argue with Maureen and Ms. Giantsfan. These two ladies are the morality police and are clearly angels who have done nothing wrong. These two are clearly Soccer Moms placed on pedestals with fucking halos on their heads and little children clutching their legs.
Actually the reality is that they're both pretty much full of shit and lack some maturity. Are the Patriots perfect no, but all teams have their imperfections. These two broads are clearly simpleton liberals who have just chosen to whine about the Patriots because they hate winners. If the Patriots didn't exist, they'd pick on whoever the best team was. They probably wish the Patriots were still the underdogs and they could have old warm and fuzzy feelings about them as if Rudy suited up for them. Instead, they knit-pick at certain players like Harrison and Wilfork or coaches like Belichick who gave them the slightest bit of ammo.

I think the two of them need to go out and just get laid. They've got some pent up frustration. Maybe they should get together on a hot tropical night and do some stamp-licking.

Go Patriots!! No Prisoners!! No Mercy!!

8:13 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Awww Chip Dawg, you're so romantic!

11:49 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Oh, and Patsrule, I don't mind if you quote me and rag on me for it, but why you quoted Maureen and ragged on ME for it is beyond reasoning.

I am now getting my halo on and driving my kids to soccer.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He broke up someone else's marriage in the process, luring a woman away from her small children with his money and power. That isn't just a simple divorce. That is crappy character."

You do realize countless people have done it? I'm not saying that's right, I'm just saying you can't rag on Belichick cause he happens to be the coach of the team you hate...oh and once more, this time in caps lock cause no one has argued against it:


"I do agree that there are plenty of dirty hits that end the season/career of many players throughout the season, however the defense for Rodney and Vince Wilfork should not be "everybody gets fined". Because then we are back to admitting that two wrongs make a right, and that's not a defense."

No, we're not debating whether it's right or wrong. We're debating whether is has an effect on the entire morality of the team and it does NOT. That's like saying Mike Vick makes the entire Atlanta Falcons team assholes.....that's basically what Maureen is alluding to.

Damn straight Kraft isn't a rotten guy. He's just filthy rich.

"Leave Maureen alone. She can have an opinion if she wants. If her opinion just doesn't match yours, doesn't mean she's wrong."

Aww, I'm sorry, did I hurt your feelings?
I think I can have my opinion too, right?'s called the First Amendment, right? And I do believe that defending your opinion while proving the other wrong is part of the debating butt out of the conversation and let Maureen respond...if she ever does.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...


Not EVERY team this guy has coached has been great. Remember the Browns?

2:16 PM  
Blogger Maureen said...

Jesus Christ-
1. Not once did I say that morality should run football. I, like the rest of you, gave up on that a long time ago. I would be a hyprocrite if I said that seeing as how Lawrence Taylor used coke and is still firmly in the hearts of Giants fans.
2. I don't believe that the Patriots are the only team with players of, what I would call, questionable sportsmanship.
Perhaps I misrepresented myself. What bothers me, is that (in my opinion), the media has done nothing but praise the Patriots* and individuals on their team throughout the year, and in the same year that they were caught cheating. I find that a hard pill to swallow given the fact that there is no proof that said cheating stopped. If anything, going 16-0 the same season that the team is caught cheating, is suspect. However, when you look at the offense of this team, its understandable, seeing as how Randy Moss and Tom Brady are playing out of their minds this year.
I also don't think that Patriots* are the only team that cheats. However, they were the only team that got caught. And in the same year that they get caught, instead of showing any sort of remorse or even apologize to their fans, and to their peers, they decide to go on this fuck you campaign where they run up scores, and you see brady in the shotgun on 4th down.
so what I have a problem with, persay, is the way the media has turned a team that is not compromised of the best players ethically, certainly not the best management, in the same year that they were caught cheating, and in my opinion, rather arrogant about it, and the fanbase who seems to blindly defend them as well, regardless of the facts.
What Belicheck does off the field doesn't determine his performance on the field, so much as sum up the fact that he is a classless human being. Thats obvious. Kraft is, in my opinion, a POS, his arrogance is obnoxious. Again, I am spoiled in that respect because I find owners like the Mara's and the Rooney's to be more of an ideal than a reality, but still a nice ideal to have.
I also am not completely close minded to the point where I think that Brady's season is tainted. He deserves the MVP, and part of me, as a Michigan fan, is happy for it. Do I think he has become more of a dbag lately with how he treats the media? Yes, and his headbumps are obnoxious, and his shit taunting in the endzone (that, surprisingly, wasn't called by the refs) to Anthony Smith is bullshit too- (mind you PLENTY of players have guaranteed a win before a game, but Anthony gets treated as some unbelievable dirty ahole because of it) But I don't think that should take away the MVP that he deserves. But I will be damned if I think that Belicheck deserves coach of the year... shit I would have had a 4.0 in college if I knew the answers ahead of time.....
lastly, Chip Dawg, thanks so much for the insight into my sex life. I bet you took a whole hour to think of that one all by yourself. But sadly, I dubt having sex will make me think of the Pats* as anything other than overrated, arrogant, dirty aholes. I wish it was that easy to change my opinion, because that would have made this season hearing about them, a lot less nauseating. However, just in case, I'll have to f*ck my boyfriend when he gets home tonight. Typical response from an illiterate defensive Pats* fan.
Hope that clears things up- and sorry to GiantsfaninNE for you being lumped in with me.

3:57 PM  
Blogger Maureen said...

shit that was a long post.
and I realized that I didn't finish a sentence properly. what bugs me is that the media has treated this team like they're the second coming of Christ during the same team that they were caught cheating- cheating their fans, their counterparts, and the american public.
sorry about that.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...


You are a GODDESS!

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ALRIGHT, now we got an argument....

Okay well, I see your points Maureen. But I do believe the Patriots did apologize, and Bill Belichick did acknowledge his mistake. It's the fact that they got fined the worst numbers in the history of the NFL (quoted by Goodell himself) that pissed the coach off. I would be pretty pissed too, if I had to pay half a fricken million dollars!

I disagree with the fanbase blindly defending them as well. Honestly, when Spygate occurred, people in my town were disgusted with their team Mind you, they didn't immediately hate the Patriots, but they took it to heart- they were ashamed that their team was caught cheating. So when the media finally ended it, and the Patriots got fined, made fun of, and ridiculed enough, and then monitored, the fans realized "B.F.D." Just like the rest of the NFL. The incident is over and done with (quoted by our very own GIANTSFANINNE) and even while being monitored, they continued to dominate this season to create a spectacular finish of 16-0. The truth is, they got punished and severely lost their reps. I think this season was a chance to make history after having three Super Bowl wins questioned unfairly.

The taunting in the endzone, in my opinion, is more valid than you would think. Anthony Smith was a freakin rookie, for crying out loud. Rookies don't talk that way to a team with a respected, veteran defense! Even other players of other NFL teams shook their heads and said that at that time in your NFL career, you keep your head down and listen to your coach. You don't guarantee a win, and furthermore, against an undefeated team. The players who have done that in the past I'm guessing had some right to....but Smith didn't. The Patriots players could have trash talked back to the media about it, but like true veterans of the trade they kept quiet and fumed silently by watching film and dissecting plays. And I think Brady finally let off his steam and anger at him on the field- both by winning and by remarking stuff to him.

I will admit though, he could have done better- saying stuff wasn't necessary. But I understand why he did it.

Oh come off it, Belichick deserved Coach of the Year. Once more, it's not Husband of the Year. And he also coached the QB that got MVP. And he coached the team that went undefeated. I think that's pretty deserving.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maureen, better watch out. Giantsfan's coming on to you.....warn your bf.

6:27 PM  
Blogger Maureen said...

GiantsfaninNE- I appreciate the compliments. Big game this Sunday for us- big game.

Anonymous1- I appreciate your response and think you make some valid points. However- Anthony Smith is not a rookie. But he is also definitely not the best safety on the Steelers roster. While part of me can understand his wanting to have some kind of game talk going into the matchup, no one, and trust me, no one, was more upset about him opening his mouth than Steeler fans. I live with one, and root for them myself, and we were livid. Because Anthony Smith is Troy's backup in Pburgh, and its obvious WHY he is the backup. Talking shit- well that was something that we (Steeler fans) thought had ended when Joey Porter (god bless him) went to Miami.
That being said, I can understand why the Patriots* wanted to prove him wrong. Shit, I would want to also if he said that about the Giants(when we play next year perhaps). What bugged me was again, Brady's taunting. I honestly had a much higher respect for Brady up until this season, mainly because I think this season he has displayed a different attitude toward the media and other teams. So to see him do the taunting in that game, coupled with the gd head bumps he had after a big offensive down was just gross. I thought that as a Michigan man, he was better than that.
What topped off that game was Belicheck's comments afterwards about A Smith. Say what you will about how great a coach he is- but you can never, ever, say that he takes the high road. Nope- he's a petty asshole. Yes, a good coach, though in my eyes his credibility is questionable, but still a POS.

And what some Pats* fans (I am not saying you) seem to not understand, is that those of us who are upset with the Pats* cheating is because there is no way in hell that it only happened during the Jets game. If you are cheating against the second worst team in the league, what makes me think you aren't doing it against everyone else? Again, I am not saying that the Pats* are the only teams that employ such tactics, but they are the only ones who got caught. Consider yourselves the Gary Barnett of the NFL. Every college team goes through hazing, but his was the one that got caught, and he lost his job for it.

I also have disliked the Pats* for many years, and am not on some bandwagon. I grew up a Mets fan, and so can understand how you Red Sox fans hate the yankees. One of the reason I dislike the yankees, if not the main reason, is yankee fans themselves. I am tired of hearing "Mets suck" come out of the mouth of some ahole who is wearing a Yankee hat, but then he/she can't even list for me their top 5 pitching rotation. Sadly though, it seems as though Pats* fans have become the new Yankee fans. How many of them have gone to Foxboro? how many know what position Steve Grogan played? Were it not for that moron Mo Lewis, some of you might not even care about them.

And please don't think that I just hate him because everyone else does. I can go on tangents about the likes of Switzer, Al Davis, Ron Dayne (I have yet to find a Giants fan who liked him- and now look what he has done for Houston), and others.

Anonymous2: don't think that I was being hit on. Just some Giants appreciation. Plus the bf would be annoyed if he even saw me at this computer taking part in any New England discussion. As a Steeler fan, he hates them more than a lot of people (lest the Pats* EVER be compared to the Steelers four Superbowls - oops I mean five superbowls)- so I don't think I will let him know about this.

with that being said, hope you all have a great evening.


8:28 PM  
Blogger Maureen said...

one more thing -

Belichick's apology was pathetic, never accepted full responsibility, and only apologized to the Patriots* and their fans.

What about the rest of the NFL that you cheated on you jackass?

sorry- but that man gets under my skin.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

"Oh, and Patsrule, I don't mind if you quote me and rag on me for it, but why you quoted Maureen and ragged on ME for it is beyond reasoning."
Wow, you're dense. As you can see, I referred to Maureen as "Giantsfreak #2," meaning she's a carbon copy of you. Do you get it now?
Actually, though, I take it back. Reading her newer posts, I see Maureen has a brain, unlike you. I don't agree with her, but at least she makes a real argument instead of repeating baseless and irrelevant allegations like you do.

6:31 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

However, I must take issue with Maureen on this:
"...those of us who are upset with the Pats* cheating is because there is no way in hell that it only happened during the Jets game."
Prove it. Are you saying the Patriots have been doing this all season? With all the scrutiny they're under, how in the hell are they getting away with it?
And your comments about Brady and Belichick trash talking are just silly. Before every game, they offer nothing but praise for their opponents; if you can think of a coach who heaps more accolades on shitty teams than Belichick, I'd like to hear about it.
But then there's always some knucklehead who takes a shot at the Pats before the game. All bets are off then.
Last year, the Pats were criticized by those punks on the Chargers for dancing on their team logo after San Diego was upset. "No respect," said LaDainian Tomlinson. Are you freakin' kidding me? Shawne Merriman does that stupid "lights out" dance on every sack (sometimes when he doesn't even get to the QB) in an attempt to mock the other team. When he doesn't get the job done and gets his ass handed to him, he's going to pay the price. Same goes for the Pats eating popcorn after TO's comments before the Dallas game.
You want to talk trash? You better be willing to back it up. The Pats don't talk trash until they've earned the right to do so, and only when some idiot from another team shoots his mouth off or does some silly ass dance.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First let me say I'm impressed to meet one of the few Haters who actually stand up for themselves with valid arguments. Thank you for this great debate.

Belichick's apology was spot on, in my opinion- he said it like it was. It was a misinterpretation of the rules. Before '07, that rule was nonexistent. It's only NOW that it is called cheating. And can you honestly tell me that videotaping signals gives the other team any kind of competitive advantage? It's like Brett Favre said, you can't have the other guys just standing there on the field, looking at the signals, and waiting for magic to happen and they'll win the game.

Besides, if you can write down signals and watch them.....what's the difference between videotaping? I don't honestly understand why that rule was even that vague in the first place. I don't blame Belichick for that- I was confused by it as well.

Oh but one funny random story- wasn't it hilarious when Wilfork stuck his finger in that Giants player's eye? Funny meaning wow, how immature.....

12:52 PM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Yup, no two ways about it. What he did was indefensible.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Naw, seriously, it was so goddamn hilarious! I was LOL-ing so badly with my family.

They looked like little kids! Fighting?......

I bet it was the stress of going 16-0 on our boys. I think it completely screwed up their mental focus and they got really wicked nervous.

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