Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Wisconsin (INEPT) - We are fortunate to receive a number of emails about our work, and thank all Readers who take the time and energy to send us their words of wisdom and encouragement. One reader writes:
i hope you fucking die.
- Jose Reyes (josereyes0@gmail.com)

Thank you, Jose, for your kind words. Basically, what he is saying is "I hope you are human like the rest of us. Because, you see, humans all die. Thus, by saying I hope you die, I am really saying I hope you are human too. That you have compassion for our team, despite your enmity." No worries, there, Jose. Despite the superhuman blog we have put together here, we are indeed human.

No worries, Jose: We are not superhuman

Someone on our staff points out to me that Jose may have had another meaning: that he actually wishes us ill-will. Though I have trouble believing that (Jose seems like a much nicer gent than that), let us assume it is a possibility. If so, I wish to post a correction. What you should have said, dear Jose, is "I hope you fucking die soon" or perhaps "I hope you fucking die painfully." You see, we all die. Death is a part of the game we all play. So if you want to say something more interesting to someone about their death, it needs to include (a) some indication that you wish for the death to happen in a timely manner or (b) some description of the manner of their death, or, better yet, both (e.g., "soon and painfully"). Since this letter included neither, I will assume that Jose meant no harm. Thanks again for the note, buddy!

Another reader writes:
We have an anti Pat's t-shirt that your readers might like. Tell them to put "hater" in the promo section, at check out, and we will send you $2 for every shirt sold. Mention it in your blog and the traffic could be great. We have a similar deal with Cubs Suck Club and we have sold many of our Cubs t-shirts. Check out our site www.notredone.com.
We like that others are also selling Hater T-shirts! It is becoming quite a business. That said, we don't like giving out free advertising (too often).

Other T-Shirts: Buy Ours Instead, or Both

We also receive the occasional interview request. Here is one set of questions we received from "t.k.":

1 - Why is the Main Stream Media obsessed with the Patriots?
2 - Do you buy Tom Bradys foot injury?
3 - One thing we should know about I hate the New England Patriots blog?
4 - Your favorite team?
5 - Do the Giants have a shot in Super Bowl 42?
6 - Your Super Bowl 42 prediction?

Our answers can be found here. Except for #6, that is. We will put up our prediction on Friday. You might have a guess as to whom we will be picking to win the SuperBore. Hint: it starts with G, and rhymes with Clients. But, it is spelled differently. Come on, you can figure this one out!

Hint: We Will Be Picking This Team To Win

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Anonymous God, Stupid Haters! said...

Stupid morons. Pats will DECIMATE the G-girls.

No amount of desperate shitty T-shirts can prevent that.

Hope you suffer, painfully and slowly.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The jv champion giants dont stand a chance against the juggernaut that is the NE patriots. Have fun designing t-shirts all spring and summer while we celebrate, biatch.

11:48 AM  
Anonymous PatriotsReign said...

This blog is getting boring. It will be more interesting after the Pats win Sunday.

11:53 AM  
Blogger Nathan said...

Well I see you can sell more t-shirts to all of the other teams fans but that will not change the score. I wonder how many games the Pats will WIN Next Year?

Oh! Yes! I am thinking about next year already due to the Pats are Awesome.


11:57 AM  
Anonymous PatsandSeahawks said...

Hater in Chief? You'd better pray that the Patriots lose, because if they win, I'm going to spend the rest of the offseason typing "the best NFL team ever" in place of "the Patriots".

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Pats are good, but their fans suck it said...

That Jose guy is a beacon of genius. Typical Pats fan. Here's another title the Pats can have, to go along with "best NFL team ever": "most insufferable, arrogant fans ever."

At least the Pats (including Hoody) give props to other teams they've beaten. Their idiotic fans, however, make it sound like the Pats have shut out every team this year. Yes, of course I still hate the Pats, but even Rodney Harrison is more of a class act than you jackass Pat fans.

Put your money on the Pats, Haters. They'll probably win. But root for the Giants, in hopes that they'll make all the jerkoff Pat fans on here soak their mom's shoulders with tears.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Falcons Fan said...

Hmm...wellllll you generalize a bit much. Really.

I think it's just cause you see Pats fans celebrating and you feel kind of miffed....cause all the Pats fans I've met aren't bad at all....

7:50 PM  
Anonymous PatsandSeahawks said...

He's just jealous, Falcons Fan. I'm a Seahawks fan, but I think it would be awesome if the Patriots won the Super Bowl because...they would go 19-0, you know?

This guy is generalizing because the NFL media is overwhelmingly about the Patriots, and the fans are getting the season of their lives. And he hates it. So, in the tradition of Haters, he tries to make it seem like New England's season doesn't matter much.

But it does. Brady, Moss, and the offense broke NFL all-time records. They beat 18 teams in a row. They have reached the Super Bowl for the 4th time since 2002. Patriot fans have every right to take in every minute of this magical journey while it lasts.

10:00 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

I disagree, PatsandSeahawks. I think he would hate the Patriots even if they weren't 19-0. Don't forget, this site has been around longer than that record. Just realize that not EVERYONE loves this team. If you are a fan, that's fine. But you have to allow other people to dislike your team as well. Go ahead and have your moment to gloat because, like all teams, things come to an end, and someday this will also. Of course, I'm hoping it ends Sunday.


4:08 AM  
Blogger Nathan said...

19-0 New England Patriots the Book on the BEST NFL.


4:27 AM  
Anonymous PatsandSeahawks said...

You know, Giantsfan, usually when you're having arguments with say, Chip Dawg, you guys take the gloves off. But right now, you sound pretty laid back. Thank you for your advice.

Don't worry Giantsfan, I certainly allow other people to dislike this team whenever I have conversations with them about football. And this website was made so that people can share their dislike for this team with others. I haven't forgotten that.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous PatriotsReign said...

Condescension 101:

"Just realize that not EVERYONE loves this team."
This really needs to be pointed out, especially on this website? The irony.

"If you are a fan, that's fine."
Gee, thanks. Now I don't feel so bad about rooting for my team.

"But you have to allow other people to dislike your team as well."
Allow? Like we have a choice?
I'll keep all that in mind, Giantsfan. If I ever need any more tips on how to be a fan or root for my team, I'll ask you.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Daytona said...

"Don't forget, this site has been around longer than that record."

This site, idiot, has been around since 2005- meaning, RIGHT AFTER our three superbowl legacies.

What does that tell you?

1:30 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Daytona, you MORON, that means that this site was around 3 years before this 18-0 record. God, you're an idiot.

PatsandSeahawks, the gloves have to come off with an idiot like Daytona.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Daytona said...

Oh, getting a little feisty, aren't we, Giantbitch?

Please. You still don't see the obvious lack of intelligence that you just spewed from your dirty little mouth.

Who gives a rat's ass about whether this was before the 18-0 record, you ignoramus? The whole point is that it was made after our legacy as a team to win three superbowls in four years. Your unintelligent point was that this site hated the Pats before they were 19-0. My point is that this site is a piece of jealous shit, that has hated us only after we won three rings, so regardless of whether we would have gone 19-0, you all still would have been jealous asses,and what you said has no justification for it.

I hope you can open your eyes wide enough to see that, stupid old bat.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Daytona, I was referring to this unbeaten record only. Not some crappy dynasty-like thing going on with this team.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Dude said...

Guys, shut up. Both of you.

I think we should just sit back and watch the game. No debates on the validity of the site.

What matters is how we play.

Personally, I say Patriots, all the way.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous PatsandSeahawks said...

Remember Daytona, we're the bad guys here. This is an ANTI-Patriots website. On a blog like Stampede Blue, we'd be hooted off the website, or even banned for flaming. We're not welcome here, but Hater in Chief is kind enough to let anyone post comments as they please. Just be aware of that as you talk to haters here.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous PatriotsReign said...

"crappy dynasty-like thing"
I doubt you would refer to it in that manner had the Giants won three SBs since 2001.

5:52 AM  
Anonymous comic book geek said...

Just so you know - Superman isn't superhuman either. He's an alien. Kryptonian to be precise.

Also - I am aware of the fact that I'm a huge dork, no need to point it out.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous The Real Tom Brady said...

Hey Hater-in-chief,

Long time, no hate. I know it’s been a while since I’ve checked in but I’ve managed to take a few minutes away from my regular routine of banging Victoria’s Secret models and preparing to kick the crap out of various Manning’s to let you know what’s been going on.

First off – That whole “Persuit of Perfection” thing. As I’m sure you’re aware, football is not the only thing in my life. I aim to be perfect in everything, everyday, in every way. To this effect, since my last post after week 9 I’ve given Giselle 178 perfect orgasms in a row

On the records I’ve broken – While I’m proud of the 50TD’s thrown, next season I plan on attempting to shatter the 50TD mark, while standing on my head to, just to add to the difficulty. The Pats will also announce that we will be bring in snow making equipment to all 8 of our home games to play in a blizzard. My goal is 160 TD’s

Lastly – some in the media and on this site have suggested that opposing players attempt to “take me out” by diving at my knees. I can assure you that this is futile. You may have seen some images in the media of me wearing a boot while visiting Giselle last week in New York (AKA - Orgasm No’s 165 thru 171). I was not injured in a game. I was viciously attacked after the game by the Chargers’ Shawn Merriman. In a Steroid Rage he attempted to smash in my knee with a Hummer. Have you ever seen one of those things explode? Damn. The boot was actually put on to protect Merriman from my shin, as various parts of my body have need known to gain self-awareness and exact revenge on their own.

Anyway – as I’m sure you’re aware, We’ve got the last, big game Sunday, and tho The Patriot’s organization has petitioned the commissioner to continue the season until we’ve gone through EVERY team in the NFL (There are 17 teams we haven’t had the chance to run the score up on, y’know) and become the first team in history to go 36-0, He says that everybody needs some time off. Goodell is SUCH a pussy.

Look for me on the TV Sunday. You can’t miss me - I’ll be the guy holding the Lombardi trophy in the confetti snowstorm, fending off hot chicks, while they name me Superbowl MVP for life.

Tommy B.

PS – While I was typing this, I extended my perfect streak to 181! WooHoo!

8:17 AM  
Blogger Chip Dawg said...

Tommy B,
Bridget Moynihan says hi. Just so you know, she also cries out your name while I'm banging her. Despite her secretly being the Hater in Chief, I think she misses you. Ordinarily I'd feel pissed and disrespected, but there is no comparison between my pathetic salary (Or my schlong) and your's. (Man, I knew I should have stuck with Peewee Football.) Plus, you have the amazing abilities to walk on water, shit gold, and turn chicken shit into chicken salad.
Good luck on Sunday. Bridge and I will be rooting for you. Carve that Giant Secondary into Swiss cheese.


8:30 AM  
Anonymous srd said...

No, this site will be more interesting after the Pats lose sunday and all you asshats come back here and try to spin it as if they are still the greatest ever...just like with spygate


9:27 AM  
Anonymous srd said...

also, brady and moss's records are meaningless.

Rice did it in 12 games and Manning threw 49 in 14. If you think that's not significantly more impressive, you're just not thinking.

9:29 AM  
Anonymous scott said...

srd - manning actually did it in 15 games - not 14. Add the fact that Manning plays half his games in the hermetically sealed RCA dome, and another 3 in the south (TN, JAC and HOU) and Brady has a good shot at at least 4 games in bad weather, and i think the 50 is pretty impressive, and not at all meaningless.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Is that the real SRD or an impostor? My money's on the latter. The real SRD, as dumb as he was, sounded at least a little smarter than this ham-fisted poseur.
Thank you, Scott, for pointing out what should be obvious to anyone who knows football. Can you imagine how many TDs Brady would have thrown had he enjoyed the luxurious comforts of playing at least half his games inside a windless, climate-controlled dome?
And what about all the other records the Patriots have set this year? No team has even come close to their dominance. The records aren't meaningless — they're already in the books, no matter how much it pains you, "srd."

10:05 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

I think it's a wash... the Patriots don't have a dome, but they have the easiest division in football. Thus, a wash.

Another thing... I sincerely doubt Moynihan is rooting for Tommy Boy to win. I'm sure she would love to see him fall on his face, just like most of America.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

"I think it's a wash... the Patriots don't have a dome, but they have the easiest division in football. Thus, a wash."
If that allows you to sleep better at night, fine. Brady erased Manning from the record books, and there's no asterisk. Period.

"I sincerely doubt Moynihan is rooting for Tommy Boy to win."
Who said she was? She's an idiot, so she's probably a blind hater too.

10:20 AM  
Anonymous 4in7 said...

"Rice did it in 12 games and Manning threw 49 in 14."
Awwwwww, too bad that won't be noted when you read about Brady in the record books. Frustrating, huh?

10:29 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

Speaking of records, let's recap. They just keep piling up!

NFL Record: 589 points on season most ever (1998 Vikings 556)

NFL Record: +315 point differential on season best ever (1942 Bears +292)

NFL Record: 50 Brady touchdowns on season most ever (Manning 49, 2004)

NFL Record: 23 Moss touchdown catches on season most ever (Rice 22, 1987)

NFL Record: +42 Brady TD/INT ratio best ever (Manning +39, 2004)

NFL Record: Brady highest single-game completion percentage of all time with 26 out of 28 (minimum 20 required) against the Jags

NFL Record: Tom Brady fastest ever to 100 wins (126 games, 100-26).

And much, much, more!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous PatsRule said...

But it's all a product of luck, of course. SRD said so.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, you hatriots fans sure are weird, I mean this is a Patriot hating website yet it seems as if you hatriots fans visit it the most. Thats odd. Do you guys just like to swear at bloggers with your anonymous names to boost your confidence because you truly are worried? You Bostonians sure are obnoxious, no wonder I hate the red sox, or are most of you just bandwaggon jumpers from around the world? Me I'm a Bills fan(cant bandwaggon them)they are truly closest to home.

by the way. I'm not a blogger- hence anonymous- but heres my name :D Jason Bailey Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada... yes us canadians hate you too :)

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Canada!

6:03 PM  
Anonymous 4in7 said...

What's Canada?

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, the Patriots may have lost the game but I think it's safe to say that they're still the People's Champion.

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the people like cheating losers...But with all the noise from the fans tonight chearing for the Giants, and not even a wimper from Pat fans...I can see how you misconstrued this.

12:37 AM  

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