Thursday, February 03, 2005

Corey Dillon...Modern Day Messiah?

The story of Jesus Christ is one of true sacrifice. The man lived solely on the gracious donations of others. He had no money or place of his own. Instead he wandered the country-side spreading the "Good News". Only a few believed he truly was the Son of God (i.e. the King of Jews) back in those days. Instead, most mocked him and eventually he was crucified wearing a crown of thorns. Only many years after his death did many convert to Christianity. Jesus has become so popular that he now decides presidential elections and inspires big budget Hollywood movies.

Two-thousand years from now, we all will view Corey Dillon in a similar manner. Well at least Corey believes so. Corey thinks (now there's an oxymoron) that "People are going to view me how they want to, and the way I look at it, people didn't think Jesus was Jesus. So who am I?" You know, maybe he's got a point. Right now we know Corey as the juvenile delinquent who grew up selling cocaine on the streets of Seattle. The kid who caught a break because he had good leverage while running the football and became a multi-millionaire. Furthermore, despite all of his fortunate luck, all we heard from him for the past few years is how he was suffering in the Bengals organization.

I'm sure in a few years things will come to light. We'll learn that Corey sold that dope in Seattle at a steep discount, because he wanted to give something back to his neighborhood. Also we'll discover all those big checks Mike Brown (Bengals CEO) wrote him over the years bounced. That Corey was enduring all that punishment without receiving any compensation.

Well until the enlightenment comes, I, as a die-hard Bengals fan, will cheer my heart out this weekend that Corey doesn't receive what he doesn't touch the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The City of Cincinnati deserves it. For it is us Bengal fans who have endured true suffering. Not only have we received many letdowns on the field over these past 15 years, we also had to put up with our star player being a complete a$$hole off the field. Good riddance Corey. I hope you fumble the winning touchdown on the one-yard line Sunday night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what you talkin about we've gone through no suffering have you ever heard of the redsox.we waited 86 years. your just jealous

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are you talkin about we've gone through no suffering. ever here of the red sox we waited 86 years. besides your just jealous

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous patriots won 3 superbowls out of the last 4 HA HA said...

you losers he won a superbowl and you didnt.and i also won your mom,ha ha

4:36 PM  

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