Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tin Foil On Your Head

Boston (INEPT) - New sites are popping up left and right. Some are funny, some are lame. But all have this in common: They hate the New England Patriots.

The latest to join: the conspiracy-oriented Tin Foil On My Head. A wonderfully simple site with one goal in mind: getting your opinion on Spygate. Their mission statement:
And now we're told that Spygate is Over? Completely unacceptable! On his May 14, 2008 broadcast, Colin Cowherd on ESPN's "The Herd" challenged those conspiracy theorists who disagreed with the way the NFL is handling ... check that, concealing the New England Patriots SpyGate abomination, to set up a website entitled "" to voice our opinions. That's precisely what this is. If you object to how the current administration is rolling over for the Mighty New England Patriots and their asterisk, asterisk, asterisk, multiple championships. If you find it peculiar that the NFL has destroyed the Spygate tapes and levied penalties before seeing all of the evidence. If you're of the opinion that bending or misinterpreting a set of rules that are followed by every other team in the National Football League is the definition of the word cheating. Let your opinion be heard.
You may now be wondering: can anything inspired by Colin Cowherd really be a good idea? Well, maybe not. But we are willing to overlook this small blemish in what otherwise is an excellent calling.

Other gems from the site include:

Arlen: You've got our vote

And, less fortunately:

This movie sucked

The intro paragraph also includes some well thought out witticisms:
WE, a nation of tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists have been called to action. We are the internet surfing uber-geeks who believe the moon landing was staged on a Hollywood back lot. We are the disciples of Al Gore who actually purchased a copy of his DVD. We subscribe to the theory that global warming looms and will kill us all, just like a meteor ended the dinosaurs. We believe that the pyramids were built by aliens, that UFO's regularly abduct red-blooded, tax-paying Americans, and that the government is actively engaged in a multi-national cover up to hide the existence of extra terrestrial life forms. We are a nation of believers that watched the X-Files and understand that, "The Truth is out there."
What can we conclude from this prose? A number of thoughts come to mind:
  • This site is not serious. Which is likely the case, and if so, too bad.
  • The creator of the site is a good writer. Which makes us forgive the first point.
  • That we should all go watch Al Gore's movie. Because it is available in an environmentally-sound DVD case.

Al Gore DVD: When you toss it, it will degrade bio-sensibly

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Blogger Sarah said...

This reader, upon reading your article, got onto the Tin Foil On My Head site and concluded that everything in the opening paragraph is pure sarcasm except for the hating the New England Patriots part, because who (outside of people who actually... er... LIKE the Patriots) DOESN'T hate them? The writers of the site needn't worry, though, because hating the Patriots does not make them geeks. It makes them normal humans, because even though now NFL football is commonly associated with the Patriots, if you take a good look, the only people who like them are people who grew up in Boston or whatever. There were certainly a lot of fairweather fans, but I suspect that they've now all jumped on the NY Giant bandwagon. Damn, those people annoy me.
Anyhow, I will not go buy An Inconvenient Truth because quite frankly, I am too young to have my mind corrupted like Al Gore's clearly has been. (No offense, supporters.) And I didn't get a good look at the site- I just read the front page. But if there is more stuff on there about hating the New England Patriots, then I believe that it is indeed true that they hate them. And if they don't, then I agree- it would be disappointing.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow - just paged though your blog.
Little anger management problem?
Try Prozac - should do the trick - or just go back to thumbing-to-the-stars 3 times a day - probabaly equally productive and think of all the space you would leave open for a blogger to write something worth reading.

There are 32 teams in the NFL. Real fans dont give a rats-a$$ about some pie-hole in boston.
They want to hear about their team.
You have fallen into the same trap ESPN did and even they figured it out and now have started to report $hit people actually read.

We dont need Jerry Springer on the internet too...

Hang it up dbag

10:47 PM  
Anonymous said...

the cheating coach thing blew over quick. thought there'd be more of a fine/penalty.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it when people cannot accept reality. Believe it people. Matt Walsh had nothing. Not a damn thing. Nothing that the League didn't already know about. Spygate is over. There will be no Congressional investigation because Arlen Specter has proven himself to be a buffoon. Even Teddy Kennedy, whose politics I despise and who I normally disagree with, was absolutely right that there are much bigger issues (Iraq war, gas prices out of control, etc, etc.) for Congress to deal with. Before I ask the question of can we move on now, I already know the answer from you radical Patriot-hating knuckleheads (Undoubtedly a resounding NO), but seriously this story is sooo dead it's beyond rigamortis and has worms chowing on its corpse. We need to move on. To do otherwise is just silliness.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous NE Patriots Draft said...

Glad to see your still up to the same goodness. The tinfoil site was golden. Go Pats!

7:49 PM  
Blogger Dave H said...

LOL, I see Patriots fans are finally starting to recover from their hangover to post comments on this website.

First Mr. Anonymous guy, you have a lot to learn about INEPT. The HIC will no hang it up anytime soon, and rest assured Dolphinatic and NEGiantsFan will be back to let you know who the cheesiest team with the most douchy fans and annoying-ass players is:

The New England Hatriots!

P.S. How's the whether in Perfectville, or would I be better off asking Don Shula?

9:25 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Amen, Dave H! I see Boston has to call in all their police in case the Celtics win. Boston has to be the only city that celebrates by killing people. Fans sure suck around here! As much as I couldn't care less who wins the NBA championship, it might be nice to see the Red Sox trophy, the Celtics trophy, and, oh yeah, the Patriots only have that AFC trophy.... that's a shame!


3:08 PM  
Anonymous FlukerBowl42 said...

I'm lovin' the hate. It means we are feared.

You can all swing from our metaphoric pro football dicks :)

We have the best organization in the league. And it absolutley kills you :)

Fluker Bowl 42 is over. There will be no more helmet catches by fourth-string wide receivers LOL...

Swing, ladies and gents, swing...

2:07 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

BEST ORGANIZATION? I don't think cheating is considered the best.

I think this is the year the Patriots go down. I will start with their first game... GO CHIEFS!

3:37 AM  
Blogger Viktor K said...

I just found this excelent site of people who hate the patriots!!!!!!!! I'm so happy!!!! I just googled "i hate patriots" and... vualá!!!!! hundreds of people that hate brady and all those guys!!!!!!!!

hurray for you guys!!!!! now I know I'm not alone!!!

7:48 PM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Not only are you not alone, Victor, I think the majority of football fans hate the Patriots. I live in New England so, yes, I am not in the majority, but the rest of the world hates them!

Welcome to our little venting site. We should be getting posts more regularly now that the season is almost here.

5:46 AM  
Anonymous The Real Tom Brady said...


You hate has grown weak again. Please, amp it up. There's not even any pre-season hate to get warmed up for the regular season hate. What happened? Mom's basement flood leaving you homeless? Can't reach the computer under all those boxes of 18-1 shirts you're unable to sell?

Your hate is weak, and our team is strong.

-Tommy B.

7:00 AM  
Anonymous GiantsfaninNE said...

Tommy B.

You call that team STRONG? I don't think so. More holes on the front line than you have in your brain. Older than dirt defense. Yeah, that says strong to me. Plus, don't you have a bad ankle/foot from a bad pedicure?

8:43 AM  
Anonymous Melanie - Tricycle said...

I hope that everyone has a great year in 2011!

3:44 AM  

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