Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome, New Haters

Wisconsin (INEPT) - Here at INEPT, we like Dr. Seuss. Today, we paraphrase from one of our favorite Seussian stories, the Sleep Book. Of course, instead of sleep, we talk about our passion, Hatred:
Hatred's quite catching, you see. Like a cough.
It takes just one blog to start more Hatred off.
Seuss was talking about Yawns. We are talking about Hatred. But the point is clear: the movement is growing.

The Sleep Book Rules

Along those lines, it is our pleasure to welcome a new friend to the Hatredsphere, a blog succinctly titled Belichick Cheated. This new blog is in its infancy and thus needs your support. So far, some nice video links related to Goodell and Specter, and a great pointer to Easterbrook's article on ESPN. That article, by the way, is a must read for Haters (and frankly, non-Haters).

Easterbrook: A Must Read Article

The blog is run by the mysterious allCarry, who seems to also be affiliated with the equally-straightforwardly named Golf Blog. One of the posts from that site: OMG: John Daly, no shirt, no shoes, no nothin' and if that doesn't make you go check it out, who knows what will.

The link about Daly: OMG!

So a hearty welcome to our world of Hatred, brother/sister allCarry. May your Hatred last long, as well as your desire to post to your blog.

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